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July 21, 2016

Charley Hull

Mel Reid

Holly Clyburn

Jodi Ewart Shadoff

Chicago, Illinois

AL LUNSFORD: Welcome to the media center. We're here with Team England, all smiles after two wins, four points, leading Pool B right now. Both teams won 2 & 1 on the 17th hole today, and the last person, last group coming in were Charley Hull and Melissa Reid, Mel Reid. Charlie, I'll start with you. Your emotions knocking in that putt on 17 to meet up with the rest of your team, knowing you had won both of your matches today?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, well, I played pretty solid today, and to knock that putt in on the last hole was a great way to finish. I finished eagle-birdie. It was just a great day, and Mel made an eagle on the front nine, as well, so I felt like we kind of had a good day on the greens, holed quite a few putts, and I think we only had four pars, the rest was birdies, so it was good.

AL LUNSFORD: You guys were down two early then went on a three-hole swing where you were suddenly up one at that point. Walk us through those three holes. I think it was 7 through 9 on the front, getting back and taking the lead from Team USA.

CHARLEY HULL: I think on 7, I hit it to about eight or 10 feet and holed it for birdie, and then Mel eagled the next hole. She hit a great 6-iron into the green and you had about a 15-footer. And then on the 9th I think I hit a 3-iron in to about eight feet and holed that, so it was good.

AL LUNSFORD: Jodi and Holly, how cool was it to watch your teammates come in and get that win on the same hole you guys did just a hole before.

JODI EWART SHADOFF: Proud, I think. The whole day was just really awesome, and I think we all bonded really well together. To see them win, too, it's really impressive, especially against pretty much the toughest team out here.

HOLLY CLYBURN: Yeah, it was amazing. She was down. Charley Hull holed that putt, and it was just fabulous. So English.

AL LUNSFORD: Do you see any reason to change things up between teams at this point?


Q. Do you get as fired up beating America in this event as you do in the Solheim Cup?
MEL REID: I think we just get fired up beating you guys whenever, really. You know, I'm out-gunned here, but they're a very hard nation to beat. You guys are very, very strong so, so it's always nice to beat you guys. There's obviously a rivalry there, and we knew we were going to have to play well, both groups today, to get the four points. Yeah, we're very, very proud that we've took them four points. We're a small nation, but yeah, we respect you guys, but obviously we really do want to beat you, as well.

AL LUNSFORD: How cool was it, the opening ceremonies this morning, hearing your anthem? I don't know anybody that cries for the European anthem, but when it's your nation it's kind of a different deal. What were the feelings during all that?

MEL REID: Yeah, we all said we got goosebumps. Charlie was just whistling along to it. I think it's a very proud thing. I think listening to your National Anthem gives you a great deal of pride, and we're just -- we've said all week, we're just very, very proud to be representing, and it's different for us. It's usually Europe, so to represent where we actually come from is a huge honor for us.

Q. Charlie, I don't know what the odds were or if oddsmakers had odds on this, but you guys would have been the underdog. You wouldn't have been favored. How did that affect your attitude coming into the match? What approach did you take?
CHARLEY HULL: Well, I just love playing in this kind of environment, especially when you are a bit of an underdog. I just like proving people wrong, and it just makes you go out there, gives you a little bit more of a buzz. I enjoy playing against the Americans. Even on paper, we was obviously not as strong as the Americans. Yeah, it was great. I think it definitely helped us in a way because even people not cheering us on the golf course, we was kind of saying that, that we kind of like it because it makes us want to keep on making birdies and keep their crowd quiet.

Q. Mel, at the start you weren't really on your game it didn't look like. Can you tell us kind of what your conversation to yourself was and how you got yourself going?
MEL REID: Quite a few swear words was probably in my vocabulary. You know, I'm not just saying this as an excuse, but it's very tough for me seeing as I've only played six events. You know, I'm changing a few things in my swing, and if practice it's going great, but to put it under pressure, I need to play. Tomorrow I'll feel more comfortable with it. After five holes today I felt more comfortable with it. For me I just need to play. Today was a fantastic format because obviously I could get Charley Hull's back carry me around today and still manage to win.

But I just told myself to not put Charley under too much pressure. I played pretty solid-ish. I had a couple dodgy holes coming in. But you've just got to have a stern way to yourself and try to trust it as much as possible. This is actually a perfect format to do it in, to be honest.

Q. It's really easy I would imagine to get up for playing Team USA. Now that you've defeated them, going into tomorrow how do you keep from sort of letting your guard down against your next opponent since you kind of look at USA as one of the toughest if not the toughest in the field?
CHARLEY HULL: I think -- who are we playing tomorrow?


HOLLY CLYBURN: It doesn't matter who we play, we've still got to do like we've done today, so it doesn't matter at the end of the day. We play like we did today, it doesn't matter who we play, we've still got to play everyone. If we play like we did today, then we'll be back here at the same time tomorrow.

Q. And Charley is usually good for something funny that she said in a locker room. Have there been any good moments this week that you can share?
MEL REID: She wanted to put her electrolytes into her vodka today --

CHARLEY HULL: I don't drink vodka because I'm too young to drink --

MEL REID: Oh yeah, sorry. She doesn't drink. She was asking me if it had the same effect, electrolytes in vodka. Apparently it doesn't solve any hangovers, so maybe I should try that.

She said a few things really. The fact is that not much that comes out of her mouth that isn't funny. But a few weird conversations today.

HOLLY CLYBURN: To be fair we've done well to be in the same colored clothing.

MEL REID: If we're wearing red, she's wearing white. If we're wearing white, she's wearing red.

CHARLEY HULL: I showed up yesterday in a white dress shirt and we're supposed to be wearing white and black. And she said you ave a black piece of pen on your back, as well, and I don't know how that got there. So yeah.

MEL REID: Someone got an autograph on the back.

CHARLEY HULL: It did say white, but it was black and white yesterday.

HOLLY CLYBURN: No, not letting you out of it.

Q. Jodi, could you tell us about the team chemistry and how it helped?
JODI EWART SHADOFF: Ever since we got here this week, the team has bonded really well, and I knew that coming into it everyone was going to get on really well. Everyone is really laid back. You know, it helps. We were walking down the fairway right next to each other the whole time today. Lexi and Cristie, I don't think they walked together at all. I think we're having a lot of fun out there, and it definitely helped.

Q. Were you surprised how loose this team was coming into a world international event?
JODI EWART SHADOFF: No. I think we've all -- we all knew each other coming into it, and we have all known each other -- I've known Mel for 15 years. Yeah, too long. We all have very similar games, similar -- as I say, we're all very laid back, so it definitely helps our team environment.

Q. Jodi, did this feel at all like a mini-Solheim Cup match, and did your experience against the Americans in a team event at the Solheim Cup help?
JODI EWART SHADOFF: I mean, I was nervous on the first tee. The crowds weren't as big as what you would expect at a Solheim, so in that respect it's a little bit different. You know, like we were saying earlier, we always want to beat the Americans, so as far as team goes, no, it wasn't much different.

MEL REID: Can I just point out something, as well? We were saying along the way, we're all pretty big football fans, and obviously we had the Euros recently and we made more points in one day than England did in the whole tournament, so can I just point that out? So we're pretty proud of that, so we're already on a winner.

AL LUNSFORD: And you still have two more days at least.

MEL REID: Exactly, so we're buzzing at the minute.

AL LUNSFORD: Great job today, and good luck going into day two's matches tomorrow.

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