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July 19, 2016

Graham DeLaet

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. Your comment about what excited you about going to the Olympics was spot on; you said you wouldn't miss it for the world with all the concerns.
GRAHAM DeLAET: Being a Canadian, I don't know if we have more pride than other countries, but this is a privilege to wear this across your chest and it's something I wouldn't have missed.

Q. What excites you the most about being an Olympian?
GRAHAM DeLAET: It's kind of a bizarre thing because up until a few years ago, I never thought I would have a chance to be an Olympian. Saying that, the closer and closer we get to Rio, it's sinking in and it's a pretty special opportunity, there's no question and I'm really excited to get down there. Both David and I, and Brooke and Alena, we want to bring back some hardware, as well.

Q. How much did you discuss with your wife all the concerns; how did you alleviate?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Luckily for us, we had a boy and girl, twins, eight months ago and we shut her down. That's enough. They are great. So we are done having children, so that made the decision obviously a little bit easier.

There's still concerns, without question, but we're going to take the necessary precautions and wear the proper clothing and make sure that we've got enough bug spray on and everything. From the people that we've spoken to and have been down there, I think Zika is obviously a little bit of a concern. But it's winter down there and it's going to be less of a deal hopefully than they are making it out to be.

Q. Some golf pundits are saying because of the top-ranked players in the world not being there, it's somewhat tarnished.
GRAHAM DeLAET: Well, if you look down the list, there's still some pretty great players. It's not a college golf event or anything like that. There's some top players there. Obviously it would have been better for the game, I believe, if all the top players go, but that's their decision. I'm going and I'm proud and I'm going to go there and try to win a medal.

Q. How do you prepare for a course you've never seen before?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Well, we do this week-in and week-out. We get down there, you see the golf course, you get a game plan and you stick to it. You know, that's nothing new to us. Once you're on TOUR, year after year, you go back to the same places. We were all rookies once and we all had to learn golf courses. It's the same for everybody because nobody has seen it, so that's the one thing. It's not like when you get on TOUR and you see a golf course other guys have played 17, 18 years in a row. We are all in the same boat so we are going to do some crunch homework for the first few days and get to it.

Q. How was the British Open?
GRAHAM DeLAET: It was nice last week, I had a decent finish to get the confidence going and had a great Sunday and saw some putts role in. The one thing I've been missing the last few months is some confidence. It's the first time I've had it since probably Houston or maybe the RBC Heritage.

It's good to be playing with confidence because it's kind of like that chicken or the egg; you can't have one without the other but which one comes first. Right now I have them both. I'm looking forward obviously first to play well this week and take some momentum into Brazil.

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