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July 19, 2016

Britton Banowsky

Dallas, Texas

THE MODERATOR: Britton Banowsky is the CFP Foundation Executive Director.

BRITTON BANOWSKY: Good morning. I'm Britton Banowsky. I'm the Executive Director of the College Football Playoff Foundation. It's nice for me to be at a Media Day and not be a commissioner of a conference. So I'm pleased to be able to talk to you about something other than college football, but let me start by saying thank you, Bill and team. We have obviously great support from Bill and Michael who is here, but also Ally Wilker who is here, and Ryan Allen Hall who are all part of our team. I want to talk to you about the Foundation, our cause work, our partnership and ultimately our goals for this year.

Bill said the CFP is going into it's third year. It's true, and the Foundation is going into its third year. When the College Football Playoff was formed, decisions were made to make investments in community. In fact, Bob Bowlsby, who is a great partner of ours was instrumental for us to use our platform for something good in our communities, so we spent a considerable amount of time engaging our commissioners who are the Board of Directors of the Foundation and identifying the right cause.

Our cause is education, generally. But our cause focus is teachers. What we learned as we explored what to focus on was that teachers in America are the key to us having a highly-functioning society. We know that to have a quality education outcome in a classroom you need a great teacher and to have a great education to serve your communities and increase the value of your societies we've got to have great teachers.

Teachers right now are in a challenging space. They work very hard, they don't get a lot of appreciation from our communities. We have a declining number of teachers, we have a huge teacher crisis shortage across the United States. So what we're doing is saying how do we take college football and leverage it to make the greatest impact for teachers in their classrooms across the United States. We started with the College Football Playoff championship game here in Dallas. We made investments of millions of dollars in the North Texas community. This past year we did the same thing in Phoenix and in Dallas and we expanded our platform to include all of the other Bowls.

So our partnerships are expanding dramatically. We're scaling very quickly. We have great support from ESPN and from our other partners and each of the College Football Playoff Bowls are making investments in their community around teachers and partnership and with the CFP Foundation. We have great partners in other Bowls. I see several of the folks here. I see Pete Derzis with ESPN. We're looking forward to having a partnership that is robust across the platform of Bowls. Bruce Binkowski. Harold Graeter with the Liberty Bowl, and the bottom line is we're trying to take this program and leverage it. Our goals this year are to double our impact and each year we try to double our impact.

We want to have a great week, September 17-24, where we're going to activate across the entire college football platform. We will be at home games in each of the conferences that week and then we will be hopefully in every Bowl in the postseason this year, and the bottom line for us is, Peter, over the course of the next ten years we want to make a $100 million impact for education across the United States.

So we have ambitious goals but great partners and great leadership with Bill and Michael and the rest of the team. With that I think I will stop and see if people have questions about it.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Britton.

BRITTON BANOWSKY: Thanks, I appreciate it. I'll leave you with this, what we want to have happen at the end of this year is for everyone who cares about college football to happen that college football cares about teachers. So stay tuned. Watch it play out on campuses, watch it play out in the media and know we are connecting those dots and doing it aggressively. Thanks.

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