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July 17, 2016

Jim Courier

Jack Sock

Portland, Oregon

B. CORIC/J. Sock

6-4, 3-6, 6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Jack, you have an aggressive forehand. You had to go for it a little bit. How much of it was Coric just in kind of a zone? How much was it pressing a little bit from your end here?
JACK SOCK: I mean, he played a pretty solid match I thought overall. Obviously I had chances and opportunities that I didn't really convert.

I mean, that's tennis. Some days it's firing and feels great; some days they're missing a little bit. Credit to him. He played a great match. First point to last played solid and deserved it today.

Q. Coach Courier, talk about the toughness of your players, just battling back the last few days. A lot of adversity here, too?
CAPTAIN COURIER: Sure. Yeah, we've but a good team effort here from Jack's first day when he was two sets to love and came back and won that match to battling through every day of this tie.

Obviously the Croatians did the same. You have to tip your cap to them because they played exceptionally well certainly from Saturday on. You know, we're definitely disappointed, but we're proud of the effort -- I'm proud of the effort that our guys gave.

Q. Jim, did you feel like after the first set of the first match today the momentum just kind of swung in their favor? That seemed like a real emotional kind of...
CAPTAIN COURIER: That's not the way we look at it. It may look like that from the outside; when you're on the inside you play it point by point. The first sets can be critical. As Jack showed on Friday, they don't mean everything.

These matches are won and lost on small margins. As Jack pointed out, there are a couple points that go our way, we're sitting here with a smile on our face instead of a little disappointment.

Q. Just on that note, Jack, the ups and downs of big matches, how do you take the positives to go forward in your quest to become a top 20 player?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, obviously was on a pretty good high after Friday. Wasn't an ideal start the first couple sets, but like Captain Courier said, just keep battling, keep fighting. You never know. Point here or there can switch, the momentum can swing your way, and all of a sudden you're back in it.

Even being down in the fifth, just staying the course. Tried to do that today. Obviously that was the mentality. I was doing what I could. He stepped up with some good serving and played some great defense at times.

Yeah, just take the positives from fighting back Friday my first time from two sets down, and then just keep doing the things I'm trying to do myself on the court, things I've been trying to improve on and keep working on, and take into the summer.

Q. Captain Courier, how would you evaluate John's match with Marin earlier today?
CAPTAIN COURIER: Well, I thought Marin played exceptionally well. I thought the first set was -- I don't know that John could have played much better. Had a couple big forehands on a breakpoint, set point, that he didn't land. Those are shots that he typically does. Today wasn't his day in that one.

Then Marin was able to get a couple breaks and we weren't able to sneak one out. We had chances. It was just one of those matches where there was so little between them and the breaks just didn't quite go our way.

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