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July 17, 2016

Joey Logano

Loudon, New Hampshire

THE MODERATOR: We are now joined by today's third‑place finisher in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series New Hampshire 301 here at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and that is none other than Joey Logano, driver of the No.22 Shell‑Pennzoil Ford for Team Penske. Joey, those final laps were a battle out there, and it looked like it was pretty intense. What was it like from your vantage point?
JOEY LOGANO: Probably what you saw was the same thing I was seeing except I got to live it. I think every corner of my car is dented in some way. We hit everything at the end. But we were moving forward, and that's good.
I don't think I pissed anybody off. That's another good thing.
But overall just proud of the effort my team put in today. We were awful to start the race. We tried some new things thinking that we needed to get better here. This is a track that we've been a second‑ to fifth‑place car here the last five races, so we tried something different, and we went from sixth to 20th or so pretty quick early in the race, almost went down a lap, and we aborted that mission in the middle of the race and went back to what we normally do, and we got our car to be an eighth‑ to tenth‑place car, so we started picking them off slowly one at a time.
It's funny, seemed like Tony and I, we fell backwards together, we started driving through the field together. We were around each other all day and never thought the two of us would be racing for second at the end of the race like that.
Overall proud of the effort the team put in, never‑quit attitude. It really paid off today.

Q. Joey, you just kind of talked about this a little bit. I don't want to say you came from out of nowhere, but first half of the race you did seem to struggle. How difficult was it even though you guys made your car better, you're still back in the field. How difficult was it to work your way back up?
JOEY LOGANO: It's not easy, that's for sure. You've got to have circumstances go the right way for you. You've got to have good pit stops when you have the opportunity to come down pit road so you can sneak a couple spots when you can. You've got to have good restarts to sneak a couple there, and then be able to maintain.
I can't say I passed a carif it wasn't in the first 10 laps after a restart. Not because it was hard to pass, just because my car wasn't good. We were able to just be aggressive on restarts and get a couple, and then I was playing defense the rest of the day. It's not fun playing defense to be honest with you. It's not fun to do that. But days like today you have to get the best finish you possibly can.
THE MODERATOR: Joey, thank you for joining us, and best of luck next week at Indianapolis.

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