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July 15, 2016

Jim Courier

John Isner

Portland, Oregon

Davis Cup Quarterfinal: USA vs Croatia

J. ISNER/B. Coric

6-4, 6-4, 6-3


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. John, question about that lob that went over and bounced back. Was it an accident? Do you practice that?
JOHN ISNER: I wish I could say I knew what I was doing there. No, total accident. On that side the wind was pretty heavy against you. I popped it up and I was trying to play a defensive lob, get it close to the baseline, but I did anything but.

I gave up on the point as well once I saw it bounce. Just going to put it away, but just with the wind it just kept going back. It was pretty crazy.

Q. Jim, what did you say to Sock after he went down two sets to none?
CAPTAIN COURIER: Well, the second set Jack was up a break twice and was having trouble holding serve. Both of them were for that matter.

But I felt like Jack was in a good position once the rallies got started. He just needed to execute.

I though he was actually playing pretty well from a tactical standpoint in the second set. He just needed to lift his level a little bit and stay in there mentally and just be there.

We also recognize that Marin had a tough loss in Wimbledon. He had chances to take out Roger Federer. Sometimes players coming off matches where they had match point and didn't close a player out can be a little susceptible, too.

So I was using that as a little bit of a carrot to keep Jack in there, too. Jack stayed in there point for point and fought hard and made it physical. He did a lot of great things out there today that will hopefully carry him to new places in his career.

First time he's come from two sets down. I think he learned a lot about himself out there. He deserves all the credit for it. He would've stayed in there I am pretty sure. He started to make that transition in the last month and a half or so mentally to sticking in there a little bit better.

Today was just a manifestation of the work he's been doing with Troy Hahn, his coach. Today it paid off for the team; certainly paid off big for him, too.

See, I didn't have peanut butter before my answer so I was actually fine, as opposed to John, who you would think would know better.

Q. John, you have a separate match from Jack, but how much did his comeback in that match help you from a momentum standpoint?
JOHN ISNER: Oh, it helps a lot. I'm just sitting right here and he's down two sets to love and things aren't looking too good. He won the third set. I saw that he had a lot of positive energy on his side.

Then he wins that fourth set, and I'm getting really animated in the locker room in the fifth set. He was able to pull it out playing incredible tennis.

For me, it helps a lot. I feel like it takes a bit of pressure off me as well, knowing that regardless of what I do out there on the court, we're not going to be losing. At worst, we'll be 1-1.

I was in a good spot going out there today thanks to Jack.

Q. Jim, what is your mindset going into the weekend being up 2-0?
CAPTAIN COURIER: Obviously we're happy to be 2-0. Doesn't change our job tomorrow. That's to win the doubles. It would be irrespective of the scoreline.

So we keep things pretty simple from that standpoint. We don't have to worry about who we're going to play as far as combinations go, something that I think the Croatians will be considering, what their best combination for tomorrow is.

It's not something we worry about when we have Bob and Mike and they're healthy. For us, we're putting on the hard hats and letting Bob and Mike do what they do so well out there. Most of the time in Davis Cup that's been enough. No guarantees, but I like our chances.

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