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July 15, 2016

Jack Sock

Portland, Oregon

Davis Cup Quarterfinal: USA vs Croatia.

J. SOCK/M. Cilic

4-6, 3-6, 6-3, 6-4, 6-4


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Jack, in your career, as far as accomplishments go are go, how does today rank?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, up there for sure. Haven't played a ton of five-setters in my career. Haven't come back from two sets to love down. To do that today, in front of the home crowd for the team, it almost feels extra special today. Maybe if I had done it in another tournament - obviously playing individually there - to do it today for the team in this, the first match to get us off to a good start, feels unreal.

Q. What turned things around in the third set for you?
JACK SOCK: I mean, I had a ton of chances in the second. I didn't get blown off the for two sets. I was up a break twice in the second. Struggled on my serve a little bit.

But just maybe made a few smarter decisions on the serve. Made a lot more first serves to kind of put it in the spots where I could get forehands, start the rally.

Returning the whole time I felt like I could get in a lot of his games. The court is slow enough I could get back on the serve and make it neutral.

Just stayed the course really and was lucky enough to get the win.

Q. How concerned were you those double faults late in the match were going to cost you?
JACK SOCK: It's weird in there. The wind kind of picks up in that stadium. We've kind of double hit all week. Kind of comes out of nowhere and it's a little bit stronger than you think. I think my toss was just to too far out in front of me a lot of the times. Just made the adjustment there.

My first serve also got me out of a lot of trouble, so fortunate for that. Yeah, I mean, second serve, got to get the toss back and I'll be all right.

Q. You talked the other day about this being the first tie being played for you on home soil. Was it everything you imagined that it might be in front of the home crowd?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, of course. I've been a practice partner a few home ties where the crowd maybe wasn't as big and into it as we would hope. There has been talk all week building up to this that there would be a lot of people out there.

I think the Portland area, the Oregonians love their tennis. I think they had a blast today. I was glad I was able to have a good comeback and do it for them.

Have some friends and family here as well, so it was definitely a special day.

Q. You were named for the Olympic team officially today. Talk about that.
JACK SOCK: Yeah, it's really exciting. As a kid you grow up watching a lot of the Olympics - not only tennis, but a lot of the sports. Kind of a bucket list for every athlete I feel like to be able to represent your country on the biggest stage possible.

This is actually an Olympic shirt I'm wearing here. I am very excited to get down there and rep the U.S. Hopefully I can play some good tennis and wear the colors proud. Definitely beyond happy.

Q. Did you design that shirt yourself?
JACK SOCK: I did not. That's my brother, everyone. I did not design the shirt, but I would've done something similar, that's for sure.

Q. You got down 3-0 in the last set. What was going through your mind? Anything change there at all for you?
JACK SOCK: Well, I wasn't very happy down 3-0. Once again, just stayed the course. Having such an experienced player in Jim Courier on the bench with you, you can't ask for much more. He just kept me level headed and kept telling me to do the right things, which I had been doing for a few sets to get back.

It paid off there at the end. I was able to get in his service names, make it neutral, and take charge in a lot of the points, and then use the athleticism there at the end to get the break.

Q. Going back to the Olympics for a second, have any of the guys who have been to the Olympics before given you any advice? Maybe not just on playing tennis, but just the event itself, maybe Andy in particular.
JACK SOCK: I haven't talked to Andy about it, but John, who has been there before, the Bryans, they really just enjoy it. Obviously it's a pretty special thing to do. Kind of soak it all up and have fun with it. Obviously you want to play the best tennis you can and try to bring a medal back for the country.

But really just take the time and take the deep breaths and enjoy it.

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