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July 16, 2016

Stacy Lewis

Toledo, Ohio

Q. You went from 16th to 8th, now tied for second. It's like you're in a zone out there. What's going on?
STACY LEWIS: Well, I played really solid today. It was probably one of the most solid rounds of the year just ball-striking-wise. I felt like I could hit any shot I needed to, was killing my driver, and other than the two 3-woods on the last two holes that I probably could have hit a little better, it was a pretty good day.

Q. How will you keep this level of intensity and focus carrying through the final round today?
STACY LEWIS: I'll worry about that tomorrow. I want to enjoy this one today because that was probably one of the easiest rounds of the year, and I just need to keep trusting what I'm doing, and that's kind of been my motto the last week or so, just believe in it and trust it, and that's what I keep trying to do.

Q. You want to play well every week, but it's a little more special coming here, isn't it?

Q. Talk about adding that on.
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, there is some extra pressure definitely to play well here, and I figured on this golf course you can't try to force anything. When you try to force it, you usually go the other direction. I stayed really patient there in the middle of the round. Didn't make as many putts. I thought I hit some good ones. I thought they were going to go in, but they just didn't. But the game was solid and just got to keep staying patient on this golf course.

Q. How cool is this situation, almost like a scenario scripted in marketing? This is the first year they put it on network TV and you're in the running; how cool could this be for everybody tomorrow?
STACY LEWIS: I know the Marathon guys are pumped already, and we haven't even played tomorrow. It could be a really special day tomorrow. I won in Arkansas a couple years ago and I thought that was pretty cool winning kind of in my home state there, and this one would definitely be up there with that.

Q. Is your fiancé coming in for tomorrow?
STACY LEWIS: I don't think so. He's getting a little vacation and R & R. I'm sure he's watching, though.

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