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July 15, 2016

Celine Herbin

Toledo, Ohio

Q. You're in the top 20 headed into the weekend. How do you feel about your round?
CELINE HERBIN: I feel pretty good. I mean, it was very tough conditions. The wind was was tricky today. It was turning all the time, so we did a few club selection mistakes, but I hit the ball pretty well like yesterday, so I feel well with my game, and looking forward to play the weekend.

Q. Golf is such a mental game, but we saw the Tweet earlier. Your thoughts are with your home country and what happened on Bastille Day. How are you able to move on with what's happening back home?
CELINE HERBIN: That really was tough at the beginning of the day, but I mean, that's why you make a routine before the tournament to get focused and to get your concentration at the top where you want to be on the first tee, and also on the course you get into the game and just focus on the present, you don't think about what happened there.

Q. Have you talked to anybody back home about what's going on?
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, I talked to my parents, and I had my brother in over there two days ago, so I'm just glad he left before, and I have some friends there, but they are all fine, so I'm glad for that.

Q. Do you kind of feel like you have your country on your back and you're representing here in the United States?
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, that's true. We are not a lot of French players here, and definitely I'm proud of playing for France. I wish I would have played for the Olympics, but I'm doing my best every week to do the best for France.

Q. How resilient is your country, though? You had the incident in November, last night. How do you think your country is going to come back from this and really just steel itself?
CELINE HERBIN: It's a difficult topic. I mean, over there it's pretty complicated, and it's tough to feel safe now over there. We don't know what's going to happen. But yeah, you just need to trust that at some point it's going to stop. I don't have a solution, unfortunately.

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