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July 15, 2016

Justin Rose

Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland

JUSTIN ROSE: I played pretty well, really. Didn't make par -- didn't make a birdie, obviously. I made a par on 16, but didn't make a birdie which makes it a long day. You know, any little mistake I made, I magnified it, but, yeah, I played well. I felt I hit it well and did the best I could. It's just frustrating.

Q. (Inaudible).
JUSTIN ROSE: No, it was ridiculous. You know when you see such a disparity between the draw and you see no name from this side of the draw popping up, it's just frustrating. That's really about it. That group was bound to make the cut. You know, great players, kind of doing their best to make the cut kind of tells you it was tough out there for sure. But that was kind of the goal, I suppose.

Really just coming in, made eight straight pars on the back nine. I was working as hard as I could. Just doubling the 18th. Hit a pretty good 3-wood off the tee, it just never sailed in the wind. Almost too good a strike, I suppose. But, yeah, just really (indiscernible) on the back nine to make the cut. Just didn't feel like there was any relief from that goal because you kind of knew there were no real run of birdie holes where you could make some inroads. So it was just like I said, just grinding it into the house.

Q. Disappointing?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, of course.

Q. (Inaudible).
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I don't know what you mean. But yeah the fourth hole, the par-5, that was just a really bad error. I kind of saw the shot, the shot was on, and as I took my setup, it was just a little bit more my left leg went lower than I anticipated. But I didn't back off and the ball came out low. I felt like I kind of went with it.

That was just a really bad mistake. I could have easily opened up. It was just a little greedy I suppose, but that was the one real poor error. From that I played pretty well from that point on. And you've always got to hang in there.

Playing the back nine I was believing I could play a great back nine, and as it turned out a good back nine was level par or something. But I was still looking to get into the red figures, but as the round progressed and the wind switched from helping on the back nine to actually hurting the last four or five holes, it kind of changed the mindset of what you hoped might happen.

Q. (Inaudible).
JUSTIN ROSE: I think that I don't know. I feel okay now. I feel fine. I could go again. But I guess the hard part is trying to put the other side of the golf course, the other side of the draw and the leaderboard out of your mind because it kind of felt like that was unattainable. So you're playing your own mini tournament, setting your own goals.

Making the cut is always a priority obviously. You never know what happens. You could have a calm morning, post something very good and you never know. So that's the good news. That's why you always want to make the cut. That was the objective really all day.

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