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July 15, 2016

Adam Scott

Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. (Inaudible).
ADAM SCOTT: I mean, not close enough. I don't know if it's a case of not hitting it close enough or not holing any putts, it may be both. But just being very patient, but never really created the opportunities I would have liked. Never got that long one to drop and get anything going. And then unfortunately hit a couple two poor 3-woods on the back nine, and got me in trouble on 11 and 13 and drop shots.

You know, if I had shot even par I wouldn't be too disappointed, but to lose a couple wasn't really the plan.

Q. What about tomorrow, do you just stay patient?
ADAM SCOTT: You just see how the weather is. I think I need to do better than parring the front nine again. I haven't made a birdie in the first seven holes and it seems like the whole field has made about four each, so I think I need to maybe get it in there a little closer and jam a couple of putts in.

Q. Does that take its toll mentally when you go through the front nine without a birdie? Does it go into your mind on the back nine?
ADAM SCOTT: Not really. It's major championship golf, and like I said, if I got in and I shot even today, yeah, I'm 8 back but that's nothing at an Open. It's pretty spread with Henrik and Mickelson up there, and then it drops off to 5-under pretty quick.

Like I said, the patience was good, but unfortunately the execution wasn't quite spot on again today.

Q. Do you take a more aggressive (inaudible)?
ADAM SCOTT: Potentially, given conditions are fair enough to do that. Yeah, maybe just get it out of the middle of the green a bit more and add a few more pins. I'm going to have to probably to make up a couple. Then if I can get off to a quick start tomorrow, then back on to trying to execute a major game plan and minimize the errors.

Q. What would you like tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: Some nice weather would be nice tomorrow. I'd take that. Well, I'll wish for it.

Q. What preparation will you do tonight?
ADAM SCOTT: Look, I think the first two rounds are in the bag and I'm obviously a fair way behind. I think I've just got to relax and have some fun on the weekend and hopefully get some momentum going. It's been a bit of a year for me in the majors, where I've just not got the momentum happening. A hot front nine could change that tomorrow.

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