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July 14, 2016

Lydia Ko

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Nice playing. 3-under round today. How did you feel coming back here as a former champion?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, you know, it's always nice to come back to a place where you played well at. The fans welcome you on the first tee.

Didn't have the greatest first hole missing the fairway and I was struggling all the way there, but made a few good birdies on the front nine.

Then it was pretty slow, and it was good to finish up with two birdies on the last two holes. Especially because it is a par-5, you know that anything can happen. Even going towards the weekend it can get really exciting up the leaderboard.

Q. How did you like the two par-5s to finish off?
LYDIA KO: I think it makes it very interesting. I love a par-5 finishing hole. When there are two par-5s, I think especially anything can happen. In my past experience, when I won in 2014, I birdied the last, you know, win by one.

It kind of makes it really exciting for the fans, and, you know, when you're coming down the stretch to know that somebody else could be making birdies or you could be making birdies to catch up to the leader.

Q. Did you do anything last night on hearing you won the ESPY for best female golfer again?
LYDIA KO: You know, the ESPYs is on this week last year, too, so I wasn't able to make it there. No, I got to see some clips of it. There were some very inspirational, emotional parts. Just to be able to be amongst those and be a part of those nominees is I think really cool.

To get the best female golfer of the year again this year is a huge honor. I couldn't have done it without my team. Thanks to all the fans that voted for me.

Q. How do you feel about your game going into tomorrow?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, hopefully I'll have a few more birdies tomorrow. It's a solid start. I'll take the 3-under today, but I think because of the weather and if there are no thunderstorms the course will probably play drier. That will make it tougher if the greens get much firmer.

It's going to be fun. I'm just going to enjoy it. It's a pretty quick turnaround, so going to have a good night's sleep and come back out in the morning.

Q. Pace of play has always been an issue on tour. You guys played pretty quickly today in 4.5 hours. Do you sometimes have to remind yourself to, I don't know, kind of keep it going a little bit?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, our regulation is just to keep intact with the group in front. Sometimes it's hard to do when the courses are tough or if all of the players miss the fairways are struggling to up and downs. That naturally is going to take a little longer.

It's sometimes hard to say, Hey, you need to be right there next to the group in front. I guess the regulations are there for a reason.

Coming off a U.S. Open week or major week it tends to be a little longer during those majors, so it did feel like we did play a lot faster this week.

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