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July 14, 2016

Hyo-Joo Kim

Toledo, Ohio

(Through translation.)

Q. Not how you wanted to finish exactly, but you had a great day overall. How did you feel on the golf course today?
HYO-JOO KIM: When I was in the practice round it was kind of dry, like greens kind of bounce little bit.

But last night it was raining so it's more -- little bit more softer green. I hit good shots, a lot of good shots, good drives, good putts, but on the last hole I missed a putt.

It was just a great round.

Q. So the course is playing a lot different today than it has in the practice rounds?
HYO-JOO KIM: Yes. Just little bit. Just little bit different. Just got little bit more softer than yesterday.

Also, the wind, it was all same direction like all day.

So it was kind of okay. Yeah.

Q. Did today's round feel like the kind of round you want to put together like in your win at the beginning of the season?
HYO-JOO KIM: It was long time ago, so I forgot kind of what feel was it. But like I'm still happy, yeah.

Q. What was the strongest part of your game today?
HYO-JOO KIM: Best part of game was tee shot, which is driver shot and iron shot. Yeah, I'm not complaining about any shot today. I'm happy with all the game today.

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