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July 14, 2016

Katherine Perry

Toledo, Ohio

Q. So you must have saw a Blue Devil win last week and are tired of that mess. Gotta get out here and fix that, right?
KATHERINE PERRY: Absolutely. Go 'Heels.

Q. This is your first LPGA event this year. Played in a couple U.S. Opens.
KATHERINE PERRY: Yes, that's correct, first event.

Q. What's the feeling like out here? You're playing pretty well.
KATHERINE PERRY: Yeah, playing well. Hitting ball really well. The feeling on the greens is great. I am seeing the break really well and feeling the speed. Yeah they're just rolling in. It's nice to see.

Q. Anything in particular work well for you? Were you making putts or...
KATHERINE PERRY: Yeah, making a lot of putts today. Hit my driver really well. When I got offline I came back really well.

Overall a good day.

Q. What's the feeling like LPGA versus Symetra Tour? How big of a difference is it? Is it like nerves on the tee or...
KATHERINE PERRY: Yeah, this is the first time I had nerves on the first tee. When the played in the two U.S. Opens I didn't really have nerves on the first tee. I was just kind of like, Oh, my gosh, I'm here.

This time a little more nervous, but it's exciting to have so many people out watching and supporting golf. Just enjoyed it.

Q. What's it feel like being up towards the top of the leaderboard? Are you aware of where you're at?
KATHERINE PERRY: Yeah, yeah. Tied for sixth, I think, right now. Pretty excited. I just put a good round together, and excited to see what I can do the rest of the week.

Q. This is a dream of yours, right, to be on the tour? I noticed you started a GoFundMe page to kind of get things going.

Q. So this is starting to become a realization of a dream.
KATHERINE PERRY: Absolutely. It's a big realization. You sign up for the Symetra Tour to get on tournaments out here, and thankfully got in. I think Sunday night I got the e-mail about it. Just really excited to have the opportunity to do well out here and see where it goes.

Q. You mentioned playing with nerve. You must enjoy playing with nerves to come out like this.
KATHERINE PERRY: I do. I think it helps focus a little better. I think there is a big difference between fear and nerves. If you're just nervous, you can get through that and focus more, which is what I was feeling when I started off.

Q. Going into tomorrow, how do you keep that same focus?
KATHERINE PERRY: Just going to stick with one shot at a time. I'm feeling really good with everything. It's a huge help when you're putting well. You know even if you're missing it you can get up and down.

Yeah, that's about it.

Q. Did you set any kind of goal for yourself coming into the tournament?
KATHERINE PERRY: I definitely wanted to make the cut, but I told myself just one shot at time. It's just important to focus each shot and see what could happen.

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