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July 14, 2016

Matt Jones

Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland

MATT JONES: Yeah, 15 feet, lot of break on it, but, yeah, to finish with a three on the last was good considering where I was. And I'd be very happy with that to start the round.

Q. How do you assess your round? Because you were out on a flier and then it came back a bit. So what are your emotions?
MATT JONES: Ecstatic. I played great. I had two, maybe three bad swings all day, and that's going to catch you out on these type of golf courses. It's totally different than playing in the States. When you miss a shot here, you're going to get punished, and I did.

Q. Talk us through 11. You made a double.
MATT JONES: 11 it's a very tough tee shot because you see nothing but trouble. You see the gorse left, which is re-tee anyway, and you see trouble right with the train track to the right. It's off the left, so you have to hit driver. And I just got underneath it and hit it right and I made a great double bogey, actually.

Q. Though you sort of unraveled, are you happy you pulled off a good finish?
MATT JONES: It's in my nature to keep fighting. It's not like I give up easily. To birdie the last is great. It gives me some confidence going into tomorrow.

Q. Speaking of 11, you were actually on the train track?
MATT JONES: I don't know. It was over there. I didn't watch it. But, yeah, I was pretty disgusted with the tee shot.

Q. What about 12?
MATT JONES: I didn't hit a good tee shot and then hit a really good first putt and then just missed a four-foot bogey putt. But, yeah, just didn't hit a good tee shot.

Q. Off the tee?
MATT JONES: I was in some rough on the right and had to lay-up and hit it 20 feet and three-putt it.

Q. You've been coming in this week with high expectations. Why is that? Do you feel good at the moment?
MATT JONES: I had a great week preparing with my coach. He came over from Australia and I was hitting my irons great, which is important out here. I've been able to control the ball against the wind, which is more important than if you ride the wind; you've got no chance.

Q. A good couple of years in this major the last few years and a good run of form. It seems like you're ready to do something good this week?
MATT JONES: As long as I can keep controlling my ball and keep putting the way I putted today, yeah, I'll have a good week.

Q. In the previous round I remember you said you wanted to start contending for majors. Just how much does doing this well down the stretch give you confidence?
MATT JONES: It was great doing the Australian Open. It was a tournament I always wanted to win, and beating Jordan down the stretch was great. I can take confidence that I can play with him head to head, but I have to do that at the next level now, and that's why we're here playing and hopefully I get a chance to do that.

Q. (Inaudible).
MATT JONES: I have not. I got here Friday and did some prep.

Q. Everyone else is scoring on the front nine and giving it back on the back.
MATT JONES: Yeah, it is what it is. You don't have to make your score on the front nine, because if you play good golf, you're still going to have even par. You can still go under par on the back nine. It's not like you have to go out there with the mindset that I have to make birdies, because if you do and make the turn, you've got no chance. So if you just plug away and keep giving yourself chances, you're going to make some putts on these greens because you can be aggressive.

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