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July 14, 2016

Celine Herbin

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Even through 12, and then birdies on four of your last six. What worked for you at the end of your round?
CELINE HERBIN: I would say just that I have been very patient today. I was playing very well from the beginning of the round. It was windy from the beginning so it was not that easy condition.

Just a few putts roll in like on 13 and 14, and being patient. I have been a little bit aggressive on the last hole hitting driver and driver and it pay off and I did a nice last birdie.

Q. Driver from the fairway on your second shot?
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, yeah.

Q. Nice.
CELINE HERBIN: And I was just like maybe ten yards short of the green. Nice chip in.

Q. So still looking for your first top 10 finish out on tour. You're tied for the lead now.
CELINE HERBIN: Okay. I didn't know that.

Q. You did not know?
CELINE HERBIN: It's just the first round of the tournament. Obviously it's not the first time I'm in this position in my life. I have been on the LET too a few times, and I won the French Open last September, so it's a position I'm pretty comfortable.

So just the beginning of the tournament. It's very long, so just enjoying. Like the day was very nice to play out there, and three more one to play.

Q. Did that win give you a boost in confidence moving forward?
CELINE HERBIN: The win you mean?

Q. In the French.
CELINE HERBIN: Ah, the win in the French Open.

Q. Yes.
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah. I mean, obviously give my confidence and like attesting to myself that I can win.

So, yeah, I play very well all the season, and I just didn't make all the putts in. Now it seems that maybe the putting is going to -- I been working very hard on the putting the last month, month and a half.

You have to be very patient with this sport.

Q. Really what do you think was the biggest difference for you on those last six holes?
CELINE HERBIN: Just putting. Just the putts dropped. And I putt well all day. Just, I mean, you know, I was close from the pin position very often all day long.

Just you need to be very patient in the golf. Sometimes it's dropping; sometimes no. I just stay very steady a day long and I didn't even look at the leader whenever. Just relax.

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