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June 28, 2016

Andy Murray

London, England

A. MURRAY/L. Broady
6‑2, 6‑3, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What pleased you most today?
ANDY MURRAY: I hit the ball pretty clean today. I think offensively was good. You know, felt like I could have moved, you know, a little bit better. I didn't defend as well as usual.
But, you know, I served well, too. That was pleasing. Got a lot of free points on my serve. Served a pretty high percentage. Especially first two sets, didn't give him many chances on my serve. When I was in difficult situations, served well.
So it was good.

Q. You've been elected on the Players Council, Novak, too. He said one of the goals was about the schedule of 2018/19. Why did you want to be back on the council before?
ANDY MURRAY: I've never been on the council before. I was involved a lot with the meetings with the Grand Slams a few years ago. Spent quite a lot of time doing that. But I've never been on the council before.
Yeah, I thought it would be a nice thing to do before I finish, see if there's anything I can help with. You know, obviously having Novak I think is very positive, as well. It's a pretty good group of guys for the next couple years.
I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Any special issues you want to tackle?
ANDY MURRAY: I haven't spoken to any of the players about any issues yet. I mean, it isn't about what I want, it's about what the tour wants really. Until you sit in on the meetings and listen to what everyone's thoughts and views are, then you can try and help change things.

Q. Sophia has been spotted at Wimbledon for the first time. How was that for you and how was that for her?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know. I haven't seen her since I came off. I'm not sure. I won't get to see her now. She'll be in bed when I get back. I don't know.

Q. Any attempt to avoid not having too much contact with her during the tournament?
ANDY MURRAY: No. No. I'll have as much contact as I can during the tournament. When I'm playing, it's obviously more difficult.

Q. What do you think Liam can take away from that match? He's got to go back to reality now. Do you see much he can build on?
ANDY MURRAY: There's definitely things he can improve, for sure. You know, he moves well. He's a good ball‑striker. I think like the last couple years maybe, you know, technique has been a bit more consistent.
He made quite a bit of changes to his technique at the end of sort of his teenage years and early 20s. It's kind of important for him to stick with what he's got, you know, and try and work it out.
Obviously, you know, it's easier for him to say what he felt out on the court. But if he could get a little bit more pace on his serve, obviously it would help him. Being a lefty, you don't have to serve as hard with the right‑handers, because with the lefty spin, it makes things a bit more tricky. I think that would help him a lot if he could get a little bit more pace on the serve.

Q. Before the tournament started, you talked about a feel‑good factor around British tennis. What do you make of the story of Marcus Willis?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, amazing story, great story. Well, for him to get the chance to play against Roger on Centre Court, I would imagine, I don't know if the schedule has been done yet, but it would be great if they played on Centre Court. Yeah, you don't see stories like that too often in tennis.
It's really nice. Especially for it to be a British player doing it at Wimbledon is great. So I'm hoping he plays well tomorrow and enjoys it 'cause it's a great chance and opportunity for him.

Q. How pleased are you to get the job done today, bearing in mind the weather? Quite a lot of players are not going to get their matches played today. Bearing in mind the weather at the French Open, do you think it could be a factor here this fortnight?
ANDY MURRAY: I mean, the weather can always be a factor. I mean, I don't know what the forecast is at all. I haven't really looked. I knew there was supposed to be some rain later on in the day today.
So, obviously, yeah, to get off fairly quickly was good. My opponent in the next round also got done, so it doesn't give either of us any advantage in the next round.

Q. I read that Sergiy Stakhovsky said he thought you might change your opinions on equal prize money once you saw all the negotiations that went on. Any chance of that?
ANDY MURRAY: I wouldn't have thought so, to be honest. I know there's certain events, like in Washington, for example, where for the men, it's a 500, for the women, it's a smaller event.
In Brisbane, the men, it's a 250 event, for the women, it's a bigger event. You know, things like that you can understand a little bit more.
But, no. Sergiy isn't always right. Everyone has opinions. I'm wrong sometimes. He's also wrong sometimes.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about your next opponent.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, very tough match. He's played the three grass court challengers in the buildup. He's won two of them and lost in the final of one. He's won obviously 10 matches, 11 matches in a row now coming in here. He's made the quarters at this event before, beat Roddick once. He plays well on the grass.
He's had a very good run obviously. He's been on the challenger tour since he came back from injury a couple of months ago. But he won some challengers over in Asia before the French Open, as well. Obviously, on the grass has played very well.
It will be a really, really tough match, and a good test for me early in the event. I'll need to perform well in that one.

Q. You've talked a little bit about how your daughter inspires you and how you'd love her to see you play tennis one day. How does it feel coming to your home tournament as a dad, and if it was nice that your wife was able to bring her today?
ANDY MURRAY: Look, I mean, I feel different everywhere. It's not just because I'm playing at Wimbledon. All of the tournaments it feels a little bit different because having a child changes your perspective on things.
So it feels different all of the time. And, yeah, I mean, she's come to a lot of the tournaments now since she was born. Yeah, coming to this one doesn't make Wimbledon feel, you know, any different to the other events really.

Q. We talked a bit about the 15 Brits in the opening round. Some good wins. Other than the Willis win, from what you've seen, do you feel it's been a reasonable start?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I think Wardy, James Ward, played pretty well yesterday after a really tough start. I thought he did great to get himself back into the match and play some good stuff by the end. That was a good effort.
Kyle might be a bit disappointed, you know, with his match.
Alex Ward, I didn't see too much of that match. Obviously there's been some pretty tough draws, as well. You know, obviously drew the top two seeds, Gasquet, Goffin. It's not been easy on the men's side.
I saw Tara Moore was winning. I don't know if she got done. She's done well the last few weeks, as well.
Yeah, I guess it's been a decent start. But on the men's side especially, some tough draws. Obviously Laura played Kerber, as well. So it's not been easy.

Q. A few minutes ago you mentioned your appreciation for the Marcus Willis story and your hope that he'll play well against Roger Federer. What advice would you give him as he approaches this incredible opportunity?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, to enjoy it. I mean, who would have thought a few weeks ago he'd be in this position. So to get the opportunity to play against Roger, you know, he's arguably the best male player of all time currently on the court where he's had his most success, yeah, it's just amazing, an amazing opportunity for him.
So just go out there, enjoy it, you know, give everything you've got really. I mean, tactically and stuff, he plays a completely different game to how most of the guys play and how I would approach the match.
But, yeah, but I'm sure he'll have a great time out there. He's got a great personality. He's good fun to watch and listen to. I'm sure it will be entertaining tomorrow.

Q. Even on days when rain is not in the forecast, how important is it to you to be economical in the early rounds of tournaments like this?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, any tournament it's important, when you have a chance to win a match quickly, to do it. It's not always that easy. Sometimes your opponents can play very well, and sometimes you're struggling a little bit.
But when you have the opportunity in matches to finish them, you have to try and be ruthless. That's something, you know, that I'm happy today I got done in three sets. If that had gone to four, potentially I'd have to hang around and wait.
Actually, I wouldn't. I had the roof. Wouldn't have to worry about that (smiling).
But that can have an impact obviously.

Q. You said beforehand it was important to get the early rounds out of the way quickly. So was today 'mission accomplished'?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah. Yeah, it was. I had maybe a couple of chances in the third set to go up a double break. Had a couple of Love‑30 games, then 15‑40 games. You know, maybe could have done a bit better there. For a first match, to get it done in three sets is good.
Actually, you know, the French Open was tough for me. I had a couple of long matches to start the tournament. I have also done it a lot of times in slams, where I have been quick in the first week, won the matches fairly quickly. You know, just need to try and understand why that's been the case in the past, and hopefully I can have another good start here.

Q. Some of the women wearing Nike have had issues with their dressing being too loose. I'm wondering if you're grateful that men don't have to worry about that sort of thing or you wish you had to take more fashion risks on court?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, I've never had too many issues with the shortness of sort of any of my shorts or anything like that (smiling).
Yeah, it's obviously nice we don't have to worry about that. Yeah, I don't really know what else to say.

Q. How would you describe Marcus' style, and can he beat Federer?
ANDY MURRAY: Look, I mean, anyone can beat anyone in the draw. Amazing things do happen in sport sometimes. Obviously Roger's a massive, massive favorite going into the match. Yeah, I would expect him to win the match fairly comfortably.
But Marcus' game style, it's pretty old‑school. He serve and volleys a lot. He uses a lot of slice. He hits the ball fairly flat. He has great hands. He has great feel. That's something that he's always, always had really, ever since I saw him play.
Yeah, he's very, very different to a lot of the guys on the tour play now. That's something that hopefully if he keeps playing, I don't know what his plans are after this event, if he keeps playing, something that he needs to use to his advantage. Very few guys play like that now.

Q. What are your thoughts on the football yesterday? Who do you pick for the tournament now?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it was obviously a surprising result yesterday. But, like I said, that happens. You know, it does happen in sport, where underdogs perform well and win. At the highest level, if you don't perform to your best, then upsets can happen.
To win, the winner of the Germany‑Italy match probably have a good chance to win.

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