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July 12, 2016

Eric Hosmer

San Diego, California

American League - 4

National League - 2

THE MODERATOR: Okay, let's get started with the MVP of the All-Star Game, Eric Hosmer is here. Who has the first question?

Q. Hi, it's second Royal -- and obviously the franchise and becoming the Most Valuable Player, how do you feel about that?
ERIC HOSMER: It's a great feeling. It's extremely humbling. Honestly I was just so happy to be a part of all this and to be part of the team and make the All-Star Game for the first time. I never thought about becoming the MVP. I just wanted to soak up the whole experience, and it's everything and more you could every ask for.

I couldn't thank the city of San Diego enough. It was unbelievable. They did an unbelievable job of hosting the game here. Everything about the whole experience especially for my first time was a dream come true.

Q. Looking back to last October, how important was having home field in the World Series, and does it seem a little bit like fate all the Royals banning together tonight to get home field again?
ERIC HOSMER: Definitely, hopefully this is something we can all rally upon for the second half and find a way to use that home field advantage. But, you know, everybody in the locker room met before the game and basically said, you know, Ned said, we don't know who is going to be in the World Series. We don't know who is going to be representing the American League, but we know how much that home field advantage helped us, and when you are talking the first two games of the World Series at your home field, it just brings that sense of comfort to the team and gives you a jump start for the whole series. We're glad that we could secure it for the American League and it's something we all set out to accomplish before the game started.

Q. In your first All-Star at-bat, how hard was it to hit the ball the other was for a home run and did you have any knowledge of Cueto that might have helped you tonight?
ERIC HOSMER: I just told myself, honestly with Johnny Cueto to be ready for the quick pitch, and I was just going to swing and let it loose and have some fun. You know, you really don't have much of a game plan headed in. You don't know how the pitchers are going to approach it. You don't know how the whole game is going to be approached. I just wanted to be aggressive, go up there, see a couple of pitches, let my nerves soak in and take it from there.

Q. I guess David Ortiz said some words for you guys before this game. What did you take from that?
ERIC HOSMER: Well, it's not many times you get a guy like David that's, you know, not only a leader of the Red Sox, but he's a leader of Major League Baseball. He's constantly giving back. He's constantly spreading knowledge throughout the whole entire league. As a player, as a leader of a team, you appreciate that because you see how he goes about his business. You see how he makes the people around him that much better. So to hear his words and the message before the game was, you know, something you really will look back on and be extremely appreciative that you can be in a locker room and hear words like that from a guy like David.

Q. Eric, the last Royal to hit a home run in an All-Star Game, 1989, Bo Jackson. Tonight you guys get two. How cool was that with you and Salvi in the same inning?
ERIC HOSMER: It was really cool. I was getting ready to do an interview with Ken Rosenthal, and he was telling me I was the first one to hit one since Bo, and we both look up and see Salvi hit one. Couldn't have worked out any better. Salvi and I go way back. A lot of you guys know we have been playing this game together for a long time, and to share that experience and have the games we did tonight was really special.

Q. I hear you've giving the truck to your dad?
ERIC HOSMER: Yeah, so he can stop stealing all my cars. Yeah, we're going to -- we went with the midnight black. We're going to take the truck, so that's what we're going with.

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations, Eric. Thank you.

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