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June 28, 2016

Aljaz Bedene

London, England

R. GASQUET/A. Bedene
6‑3, 6‑4, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I know it was straight sets but it was close. Did it feel close to you?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yeah. It felt annoying I didn't take them. I had I don't know how many break points and especially in the second set. It's never easy when you don't take those. And when you're two sets down, I mean, everything, you know ‑‑I mean, it wasn't easy playing him. He's a great player. He loves grass. Yeah, I mean, I was doing okay. I didn't feel great.
But, yeah, it's not easy to play him. He's got great backhand. Doesn't miss much. So, yeah, I would have to play really, really well to beat him. Didn't do that today.

Q. Is it particularly frustrating to get a draw like this when ‑‑ you know, you probably could beat half the draw quite easily but you've got somebody...
ALJAZ BEDENE: I wouldn't say that I would beat them quite easily. I mean, I wouldn't say the draw was that bad that, you know, I couldn't win. As I said, I would have to play my best tennis.
But, yeah, I mean, the draw is what it is. Yeah, never want a draw like that in the first set round. I guess I just have to play better to beat those guys.

Q. Is there anything you could have done better, you think? If you had a chance to play the match again, could you have done something different?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Well, I cannot repeat it, but I can definitely learn from my mistakes. Yeah. Would probably play a little bit different especially from the beginning. But, yeah, I mean, just have to learn from those matches.

Q. What do you think of your grass court campaign as a season as a whole?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Well, the truth is I had pretty bad draws. I lost to Tomic, lost to Andy, and lost to Gasquet. They are all great grass court players. Yeah, I mean, first year I did feel confident playing on grass. I mean, in a way, it's frustrating getting all these matches first or second rounds, but, you know, the good thing is I feel confident playing on grass. So when the grass comes next year I will know I can play well. Even if I get a bad draw, I'll still focus on my game and try to deliver it.

Q. What's your schedule from here? What do you do next?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Move into the new house.

Q. Excited?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yeah, that's probably one of the biggest things now (smiling). My first house. That always helps.
But, yeah, I'm going to clay, Bastad and Umag. And then I've got holidays and then I'm going to America.

Q. Have you done all the packing yet for the house?
ALJAZ BEDENE: No. Now probably today.

Q. Something to look forward to?
ALJAZ BEDENE: No. (Laughter.)
 Q. Did you say you didn't feel great at times during the match?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yeah. I didn't. Just honestly I missed too many shots or just went to his better shot like backhand instead of his forehand, because his backhand is a better shot.
But like in general, just felt like I was missing too much, although I had breakpoints, as well. Probably just missed too much. Yeah, like previous days I felt better on trainings, but, yeah, just today when I woke up I felt something's wrong. I mean, I was ill before, but I was starting to feel better and better again.
But got the runny nose again today. I mean, that's not an excuse, but, yeah, just, you know, you have to be 100% to beat those guys. Even if you're 100% you still have to deliver it. I didn't. So, yeah.

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