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February 27, 2003

Adam Scott


ADAM SCOTT: It was a tight match. We just didn't make any putts today. We both played pretty well, and both missed chances, and fortunately I got a little late there on the back nine, and just held on in the end. But it was tough to play with the greens so soft, and all the pins seemed to be in the back, you couldn't get the ball back to the pin?

SCOTT CROCKETT: It was pretty bad at one point wasn't it, the conditions?

ADAM SCOTT: We stopped for about 20 minutes I think on the 12th tee. And stiffened up a little there. But just even that bit more rain helped soften the greens, and made it almost impossible to get the ball back there.

Q. Do you have days like this back home in Australia, playing conditions like this?

ADAM SCOTT: Not too often, no, more in Europe. It's pretty nice playing in Australia. But I'm pretty used to it. Quite often in Europe we play lift clean and place, so it doesn't bother me ball at all.

Q. Darren Clarke won, as well. Does this give you an advantage in the States they don't have as much rains and conditions like this, does it give guys like you an advantage playing like this?

ADAM SCOTT: If it's any advantage, it's such a small advantage. I think the guys in this tournament are such good players, they can adjust to any conditions out there. So I really think it's minimal, the advantage.

Q. Do you know anything about Kevin Sutherland's game?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I played the first two days at Augusta last year with Kevin, so I've just got to watch him those couple of days, and obviously I saw a little bit of the golf here last year, because he won. I don't know too much else, though.

Q. Did you assess his game from what you saw at Augusta?

ADAM SCOTT: I think he's got a great short game. He wasn't playing his best at Augusta, I think. But his short game kept him in there, and I think he either made the cut right on the number or just missed. But his short game is pretty impressive, I remember that.

Q. Yesterday you said you didn't play very well. It was better today?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I played pretty solid. I felt I putted a little better today, although I missed a couple of short ones. I don't know if it was me or just got a bad break. I feel pretty good about my game. It's starting to flow a little more, and rather than the start of the year where it was a bit rusty.

Q. Have you decided on Dubai or Qatar?

ADAM SCOTT: I'm not going to Dubai, that's for sure. Qatar I'm waiting, last minute call.

Q. Because you're the defending champion, you feel bad about missing it?

ADAM SCOTT: I do. I'm being told different things. I'm being told it's on, but I'm not clear on what's happening to be honest.

Q. Did you say you were playing the Honda?

ADAM SCOTT: I am in the Honda Classic.

Q. That's the same week?

ADAM SCOTT: So there you go. I mean I'm waiting to see what happens. I'm being told it's going to be called off. I'm in the Honda.

Q. When did you make your decision on Dubai?

ADAM SCOTT: A couple of weeks ago. I just left it the last month or so and just waited to see. I love the golf over there, I love Dubai. And Qatar, obviously I won there last year, and would love to go back. I feel with everything going on over there now, I don't feel like risking anything for a couple of weeks of golf. I'm sure I'll go back there in the future, because it's a great spot. But I just feel it's a bit risky to go over there, but that's my personal opinion. I don't know if it's right or wrong. But I feel I'll go back there next year.

Q. Where did you feel the turning point, if there was one, in the round was?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, I was down all the front nine and then I went 1-up on the 12th. And also made a good birdie on the 14th and I was 2-up and I felt like I was all right then. I was playing really well, and everything felt solid. So it was just a matter of closing it out, which I had a little trouble doing, but Rocco was due to make some putts. I'm pretty happy with the result.

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