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February 28, 2003

Adam Scott


SCOTT CROCKETT: Adam, thanks for coming in. Well played. You were 2 down after 2, I believe, and you didn't get up until the 14th, and you came through in the end. You must be delighted with that.

ADAM SCOTT: I've struggled this week. I'm struggling on that first nine holes, and I'm playing the other nine really well. It seems every match I've been down or square on that first nine, and played the next nine well. I liked they changed the nine holes around.

SCOTT CROCKETT: It's better to finish strongly, than start strongly and finish poorly.

ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. I feel that I can play that second nine now. It's a bit easier than the front nine. The front nine is brutal, and it's not good for your confidence when you're making bogeys all the time.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Just a case of staying patient today?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, we both played pretty well for the first 14 holes or so, then Kevin hit a couple of poor drives that got him in trouble. We played pretty well for the first 14 holes, and it was a pretty good match.

Q. What happened?

ADAM SCOTT: Kevin made birdie off the first, and my chip barely missed, made quite a long putt there. And on my second I got in trouble in the long left bunker and managed to take four to get down. So that was a gift for him. But it was important for me to jump straight back in on the next with a birdie and win the hole. And get back in the match.

Q. Would you like to play Tiger in the semifinals?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. I hope I get to the semifinals. I wouldn't mind getting there and he's not there. That would be all right, too. But, no, I'm more worried about tomorrow's match. I'll worry about tomorrow afternoon when I'm there.

Q. Kevin has been difficult to beat here, obviously. When you got down two, any concern that you might not be able to come back?

ADAM SCOTT: No, it was so early, 16 holes left, a lot can happen. And it's playing tough, with it being wet and lengthened, and the greens so soft, it's tough. And you're going to make mistakes. So I tried to stay patient and not -- but it was important for me to not let him get three or four up front. That's hard to come back from.

Q. After the work you did last week, do you feel that you've been getting more comfortable as the tournament has been going on?

ADAM SCOTT: Definitely. I'm swinging the club well. I'm struggling a little bit with my half shots, as far as direction goes. With changes, it's awkward when I have to get a little cute with shots. And you do out here, because you have to try to take the spin off the ball. I'm struggling a little bit with that, but it will come.

Q. Have you ever played with Price or Haas?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I've played with both of them. I played with Jay Haas at the U.S. Open last year, and I can remember playing with Nick somewhere along the way, yeah.

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