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October 3, 2000

Kevin Appier


Q. Would you talk about getting to the post-season after all this time, is there anything particularly significant to you?

KEVIN APPIER: It is huge. Obviously you hope for, you know, to get here every year, and unfortunately, its taken me a long, long time, 11 years. But it feels incredible to be here.

Q. What are your thoughts on the Yankees?

KEVIN APPIER: Obviously, extremely potent lineup. They can get you with their power; they can assemble a number of hits on you and combine to score a lot of runs, and they have a great staff and they are good defensively. They are extremely solid team and, you know, people have mentioned how they were scuffing a bit in the end of September, but we are not looking for them to be scuffling. We are looking for them to be coming in there at their best, but hoping they are not.

Q. With all the talk but being traded for so many years to a contender, any part of you when you got traded here, think, "Oakland" as opposed to a big-market, big-money team?

KEVIN APPIER: I was pretty surprised because I heard a number of teams, but I never heard Oakland. You know, looking at their situation, I felt like I was going to a lot better situation than I was in Kansas City and we made a good run for it last year, unfortunately came up short. But this year, here we are.

Q. What about being here has made you more comfortable are pitched better? You seem to have resuscitated your career.

KEVIN APPIER: It is a case of opportunity. I was coming off surgery, and, you know, last year was a little difficult at times, but I thought I had a pretty good year for just coming off surgery and this year, being the following year. I think it was an opportunity, you know, to pitch, to throw a season where it is not like a partially coming back-type thing and also playing on a team like this is extremely helpful. We score a ton of runs. You know, we had a number of errors in the field, but still, our defense is good. We make some incredible plays and the combination of great plays and defense/offense really helped out.

Q. Talk a little about the team being called young and enthusiastic. What's your role on this team and how did you fit in?

KEVIN APPIER: Wise old guy. There's not a lot of middle age here. It is extreme young guys, like college kids. And then there's older guys like me and Dougy, Steno and Mags. And our job is, well, not only to, you know, perform, but also to help these guys and to give advice and kind of like a supplemental coaching staff, definitely.

Q. Would you talk about what role you think experience plays in the post-season?

KEVIN APPIER: You mean just regular experience, because I don't have any post-season.

Q. As far as the teams are concerned, what role do you think having post-season experience plays in this?

KEVIN APPIER: Well, obviously, hopefully, it doesn't work against us, because we don't have much of it. But the Yankees, I mean, they obviously have a ton of post -season experience. We have a lot of confidence right now and hopefully that carries through into the post-season, and like I said, the Yankees not only have experience, but the talent. We know what we're up against, but like I said, I think we have a great deal of talent here, and good confidence. We had a tremendous September, and hopefully that continues through the post-season.

Q. What are the emotions like in terms of you as a veteran pitcher but you have not pitched in post-season before, does it give you butterflies? Are your emotions running high?

KEVIN APPIER: Well, I get nervous for a spring training game so that might answer your question. But the nerve emotions, I'm definitely able to deal with my emotions real well.

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