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July 9, 2016

Anastasia Potapova

London, England

A. POTAPOVA/D. Yastremska
6‑4, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR: We have our girls singles champion, Anastasia Potapova. We'll take then first question.

Q. The way that ended, you thought you had won the match twice. The challenges were upheld. Describe your thoughts at that time.
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: I can't describe it really.
Well, at first time I was start, like, Oh, my God, I won it.
When she says, Can I have a challenge please?
I'm just like, Please, cannot be. Please.
No, it was a fault.
Well, I lost that point.
Then it was, like, advantage for her. But I won the next point. And then, like, same situation. I did the first serve. She had mistake. Like, Can I have a challenge please?
I'm just like, Please, this can't be like second time.
But not, is can. I lost that point also.
But after, on the third match point, I was focus on my game, focus on my serve, focus on everything to win it finally. I'm happy and proud that I did it.

Q. Do you know how many match points you actually had?

Q. Seven. You had seven match points.
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Seven match point. Oh, my God. It's pretty much. It's pretty much.
I'm so happy that I won.

Q. Could you concentrate after those disappointments? All the emotions go out. How do you get back into focus?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Yes, I just tried to not think about bad because, you know, when I had a match point, I won it, but not. And she had advantage.
It's can be close to lose second set. But I try to keep my focus on game, to keep my focus on my serve, of course, because it was my serve. And I did.

Q. Were you tired in the doubles?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Yes. I'm so tired after final, you know. I'm so tired, like, mentally. I'm so, so sad that I can't show my best tennis in doubles. But next time maybe.

Q. I remember already last year or two years ago you were in Italy playing some junior events.
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: I played so many times in Italy.

Q. Where did you play? I think you played in Florence.
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Florence, I've never been. Santa Croce, no. In Prato, I've been there in the final.

Q. So you lost in the final?

Q. You were how old when you played? You were 15?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Yes. It was last year, and I played there at 14.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your family background, where you come from, if your parents play tennis, brothers and sisters.
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Yes, of course. I was born in Saratov, but then I move to Moscow to practice in Alexander Ostrovsky Academy. My family is sportsmens. My mother is a volleyball player. My grandmother is a basketball team.

Q. For Russia?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: For Russia. Only for Russia.

Q. National team?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Yes. Only for Russia.
I played tennis. I started at five years old. I don't have any brothers or sisters, but I have a duck, yes.

Q. What's the name?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Vita. She's small. So that's it.

Q. Why did you pick up tennis instead of other sports? Who was your first coach and your first idol?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Okay, well, in the preparing of team, my granny saw the tennis practice in the same building. There was like small girls my age, like five years. She liked it. She tried me in tennis.
At first practice, I was, Oh, I like it. But then I was like it more, more, more. Now I love it. I love tennis life. I love everything here 'cause I can't imagine my life without tennis really.

Q. Idols?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Well, in woman, of course, I like Maria Sharapova. And men, my idol is Roger Federer, yeah.

Q. Your best shot?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: My best shot is backhand, for sure.

Q. Two‑handed backhand?

Q. You're very young, so you can't play all the WTA events that you would like to. Does that mean you'll be continuing to play a lot of junior tournaments?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Well, this year I will continue on, like, play US Open, like Orange Bowl, like same. But I guess I will try some 10,000, 25,000 if I will get wild card or maybe starting from the qually.

Q. Are you in the Fed Cup?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Junior Fed Cup, yes. It started after US Open, yes.

Q. Do you have a coach, a national coach? Do you know Tarpischev?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Yes, of course I know him. Everyone know him in Russia, all the world.
My coach is Irina Doronina. I'm practicing with her like five years already.

Q. Tennis player?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Yes. She's tennis player. She played before like many times ago.

Q. She got off to a very quick start.
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Yes, it was 2‑Love in first set. She was up. Yes, the first two games I was a bit confused. But then I really loved it 'cause it so helps me when people from Russia, you know, screaming, Anastasia, let's go. It so helps me. I'm so thanksful for them.

Q. When you don't play tennis, what are your favorite hobbies? If you like music, which singers?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: What I do out of tennis? When I don't have a practice, when I have day off, I try to be with my family 'cause I see them not often per year.
But sometimes I like to go to the cinema with my friends, just walking in the park, so...

Q. Music?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Music? Well, I like Rihanna, Eminem, yes, everything.

Q. Do you have already a boyfriend or not?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: It's a good questions. I don't want to speak about it (laughter). Sorry.

Q. Do you know some Italian players?
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Italian, you mean the pro or juniors?

Q. Juniors.
ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Of course. I know Tatiana Pieri. I know Stefanini. I played against them many times.

Q. You always won?

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