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July 10, 2016

Matteo Manassero

Inverness, Scotland

MATTEO MANASSERO: I'm really happy of course, to play well in such a big event for me. Right now it's a great relief from a lot of things and I'm glad that I handled myself really well in this week, which was not easy at all. It's a while since I've been in this position, and I think I made only two or three bogeys in the week. That for me is really a joy to see and I'm very happy. In the end, I sum it up as a really good week.

Q. It has been a while since you've been in this position, so did you handle it as you used to?
MATTEO MANASSERO: Yeah, I think I can say I handled it very similar to, I don't remember exactly how I handled it because I was so focused in those moments, that you don't really realise what you're doing and why you're doing it. But I just went with my feeling and I had good basics, keeping me solid throughout, and that was the main thing.

Q. It looked like you had to show an awful lot of patience through 12 holes and eventually got your reward.
MATTEO MANASSERO: Yeah, it was a little bit hard in the beginning. I had a good save, a few good saves, but more than anything, I just wasn't putting the ball close enough to give me good birdie chances. I touched the hole in a couple of situations a couple of times and then things turned around with a really good shot on 13. Just need some spark to get going and that's it after that. Just start again. Yeah, just have to be patient.

Q. Does it make all the hard work worthwhile?
MATTEO MANASSERO: Of course. This is a really good moment for me, and all these struggles and hard work and stuff are obviously paying off and hopefully next time I'll be holding a trophy.

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