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July 10, 2016

Alex Noren

Inverness, Scotland

ALEX NOREN: When the game feels good, and I've been putting great this week, and when the game doesn't feel as good as maybe it looks, you just want it to be over and come out with a win and that's what happened.

Q. The turning point we thought came at 15, how crucial was that?
ALEX NOREN: Well, I had not hit my irons really good today, good wedges, not very good irons and we were in-between clubs. My caddie said go with the hard 8 if you like that, and that's what I did.

Q. You're off to The Open Championship in this wonderful form with this to take with you and build on. Tell us about that from your point of view.
ALEX NOREN: It feels really good. I've had trouble with the driver a little bit and the guy at Callaway changed this week. I got a driver that doesn't go too much right. My driver has been great this week and that's kind of what I was lacking the weeks before this. With some more fairway hits, it's easier to play links golf, especially.

Q. This tournament threw every kind of weather condition at you; why were you able to outlast the field this week?
ALEX NOREN: I got lucky the first day I think playing early, and not so lucky yesterday playing late. But I mean, it was okay. Just it's more of a struggle to keep everything dry, maybe more than it affects the shots.

Today was so lucky. I thought we were going to have a rainy day, and then it becomes a bonus.

Q. You have a Top-10 in The Open and you have a Top-20 in The Open; what kind of belief does this win give you for next week?
ALEX NOREN: Well, like I said, I was hitting my driver really well this week, like I haven't done before, and that gives you a lot of confidence, hitting from the fairway. I didn't miss many shots this week, which I've done in the past. The confidence is a lot better than before.

Q. Thoughts on winning the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open?
ALEX NOREN: Well, now, just being so happy it's over, because it was a tough, tough leaderboard. A lot of guys at 11-, 12-, 13-under, and it was just not a cruising win at all. But thinking about it this morning, how much it would mean, then it feels like miles away, and now when it happens, it just feels unbelievable.

Q. Are you proud of the way you handled yourself in that situation, because you battled all kinds of challenges across the week?
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, a lot of these holes played different. One day it played really easy and the next day it played straight into the wind. That kind of throws you off a little bit. When it's the same wind direction four days, it's almost a lit bit easier because you can kind of go with it.

Here, you have to think a lot more; a links course with some more bigger hazards maybe than other links courses. It's not so easy.

Q. Does that make it ultra special? You've won the Nordea Masters, your national open, but to win on a links like this must be awesome.
ALEX NOREN: This is by far the biggest win, the amount of players that are here, and on a course like this in Scotland, it's only what I dreamt of growing up.

Q. Probably too early to say, but what does it mean going forward, so many points, so much money at stake and even Ryder Cup might come on the horizon?
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, a lot of things clicked this week, a lot better chipping, a lot better putting and the driver was better. I changed the driver a little bit going into this week and it definitely helped a lot. Just trying to work with my coach next week and see about those things that I need to work on, because it's always something.

Q. But you do think of big things to come?
ALEX NOREN: Well, you know, you just -- I don't think that much right now. I just try to enjoy this. I know how tough this game is and I'm just really happy to get a win and then for next week, it's a new week and see what happens.

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