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July 10, 2016

Callum Shinkwin

Inverness, Scotland

CALLUM SHINKWIN: I played quite solid today. I didn't drive the ball as well as I have done all week, but I managed to grind it out and finish very strong.

Q. The finish means three successive birdies over the closing holes, and that makes it all the more prominent, doesn't it?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Yeah, 16, 17, 18, haven't served me very well this week, and then today, they did justice, basically.

Q. Did you fancy a chance coming into the final round of getting a good finish here?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Well, the scoring was so packed, and you had to shoot a low one today. I know it's raining but you still have to play well and get that low number on the board. Looking yesterday, I saw a couple of not bad numbers yesterday and I thought, if I can shoot one of them, that would be great.

Q. The rain is not pleasant for anybody, but it doesn't actually seemed to have hampered the scoring or been too bad conditions?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: It's still quite warm, and the rain, it's only tiny drops of rain. It's not that bad. It's quite warm, but the rain is obviously cold, so it actually evens itself out.

Q. Were you coming into this event very much with one eye on next week, as well, because you've booked your place at The Open Championship/; was it a case of trying to get the experience, once again, on links golf?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: I would lie if I said I wasn't, but still I've got to take it one moment at a time, and especially one event at a time, as well. And this event would come first before The Open. I focused on making the cut and doing well this week and I've done that so far.

Q. Presumably this is good preparation regardless; the fact that you are competitive still, and learning, once again, how to play on the links?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Since my amateur days, I think I've played one or two rounds on a links course the last two years, so getting back out and playing it, certainly tests your ball-striking ability.

Q. Do you like it?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: It's good fun. It's great fun.

Q. It's different; as you say, you don't get to do it all that often, so you've got to use different techniques?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: But the ball sits so tight on the fairways, and if you don't strike them 100 percent, they are not going as far.

Q. We said last week about going to The Open and thoughts and dreams and things like that, but now that it's here on the horizon, feeling good?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Yes, feeling great. We've got a 160-mile hike down to Troon, so once I get there tonight, it will be great.

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