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July 9, 2016

Tyrrell Hatton

Inverness, Scotland

Q. Wonderful round that sees you surge right up to the top?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, obviously got off to a great start. That was the key. Feel like I lost my swing a little bit through the middle and then obviously the rain started coming down and it was quite tough. Birdie chances were hard to come by. Sort of tried to stay as patient as I can and then had a really good finish, so looking toward to tomorrow.

Q. Talk us through the start, because it was spectacular with birdie, eagle, birdie and suddenly you're flying?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, hit a lovely shot into the first. Had about four or five feet for birdie there and then my second shot into the second was great. I hit rescue to about 20-foot and rolled that in. Then made a really good up-and-down on 3. I just hit my tee shot a bit right, so obviously that was a really good start.

Q. And then staying patient does get its reward, doesn't it, because hey, the weather was awful when you're finishing pretty much, but to get those birdies is wonderful?
TYRRELL HATTON: Getting off to the fast start, and then the conditions that came in, it was sort of trying to stay as I was. Then yeah, really happy with that finish.

Q. There have been signs, haven't there, that the game is in good shape. You just need to get the scores to go with it?
TYRRELL HATTON: I had a really good run and then I took two weeks off before Germany and I feel like I paid the price for that, the missed the cut there.

Did a little bit of work with my dad over the weekend and swing felt a little bit better in France but still wasn't quite right, so my dad came up this week, and we did quite a bit of work on Tuesday, and that seems to pay dividends.

Q. Not the first time in The Scottish Open, either, so there's something about this event, is there, and links golf?
TYRRELL HATTON: Links golf has been good to me the last few years, and it is nice to be here. My mum lives 20 minutes away, so it's good to have the family around.

Q. The Scottish connections?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, well, she got remarried, so her husband's family live in Inverness. So a bit of support tomorrow hopefully.

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