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July 9, 2016

Graeme McDowell

Inverness, Scotland

GRAEME McDOWELL: Flat calm conditions, I knew there was low scores out there. I knew guys were going low, and getting off to such a slow start when the golf course was there for the taking -- when the rain came on, I had no more frustration left in me, and managed to make a couple putts and get going.

Important to hang in there today. Could have blown myself out of the golf tournament out of the front nine but will be pleased to make a few birdies coming in and give myself a shot tomorrow.

I wanted to come into these five weeks and be able to play golf and be patient and give myself some opportunities. I didn't really get off to the start I wanted to in France last week. This is more what I expected of myself this week. My game is in good shape. I'm coming into these weeks and wanted to make sure I could try and compete two or three times for the five weeks.

This is a nice start. Obviously good prep for Troon next week. I think whoever wins the Claret Jug will have to battle conditions like the ones we're seeing here at The Scottish Open. I know my wife is lying by the pool in Florida right now; this is not the glamorous life you think it is out here, all right.

Q. When it was beautiful weather, you were a little bit flat and now in weather like this, super stuff to finish. What's the story?
GRAEME McDOWELL: I don't know what the story is. Sometimes when you go out there and it's flat calm and you know the golf course is there for the taking, you can't kind of get it started when you're trying so hard.

I hit some nice shots on the front nine and made nothing and walked off 1-over par for the nine holes. I guess when the rain came on, I had no frustration left. So I just tried to knuckle down and make some birdies and that little run there on 13, 14 and 15 was pretty sweet and obviously kept me in the golf tournament.

Q. You've not got the waterproofs on, so you had freedom with movement?
GRAEME McDOWELL: I don't like waterproofs. I don't like playing golf in rain gear. Just put on an undershirt and tried to get on with it. The great thing is it's not super cold -- well, it did get cold when the rain came on but it was mild-ish early on and I felt like I only had four or five holes left so I didn't mind getting wet and would rather have the freedom.

Q. This is what we almost expect and you've had just about everything across the course of the week?
GRAEME McDOWELL: For sure, links golf is all about weather. We've seen it all next week. The guy who wins the Claret Jug next week is going to have to battle some of this. This has been a really, really great preparation week for next week whatever happens. Taking nothing away, I'm going to be 100 percent prepared for tomorrow and the opportunity.

I'd love to win tomorrow obviously. It's a packed leaderboard. No idea what the weather is going to hold for us but we know it will play some kind of a factor.

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