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July 9, 2016

Justin Walters

Inverness, Scotland

Q. Lovely finish.
JUSTIN WALTERS: Yeah, I just plodded along all day really, didn't do anything dramatic. On the back nine, putts started to drop and it's lovely to finish that way.

Q. Some form on the greens at long last?
JUSTIN WALTERS: Yeah, it's been a long, long dry spell for me. I've been through quite a hard time with the swing and mental game and everything. My team around me has done such an excellent job. I've really worked so hard to get to this point and it's almost surreal to feel like I'm able to shoot the scores I have in the conditions that we faced this week.

Q. I think Tshwane, was that the last time you made a cut?
JUSTIN WALTERS: Last week was the last cut I made, French. It actually feels like Tshwane. And before French, I didn't like I was ever going to make a cut. You know how this game goes, it really drills you into the ground when things are going badly. I felt a momentum shift last week and feels like it's continuing this week.

Q. Momentum shift feels like all the hard work was beginning to pay off.
JUSTIN WALTERS: I think with this game, if you're patient enough, I remember almost three years ago, I played a practice round here with Jose Maria Olazábal and I said, "What's the most important thing you could give some advice to someone like myself?"

And he said, "Patience, you've really got to have patience."

This week I've tried to have that kind of outlook, because it reminded me of that discussion with him. I just felt I've been working hard and I've been working on the right things, and it's going to come eventually. I just wasn't sure when.

Q. That's going to be a key word tomorrow, particularly if the rain stays like that. What's your gut feeling now that you find yourself in such a wonderful, prominent position?
JUSTIN WALTERS: It's hard to say, really. I'm just going to try to enjoy the moment and keep improving really. Worked hard to be here and this is why we worked to be in this kind of situations. I'm sure everyone around me will help me get ready and I'll try to make the most of the situation and post a score. Early in the year, I had three top fours in a row, so I can get it done at times. Hopefully we can do it again tomorrow.

Q. Are you letting yourself think of a position at Royal Troon?
JUSTIN WALTERS: It's hard to avoid it, really. I've thought about it. In Joburg Open, this year, finished third and I lost World Ranking points, and I pulled out of the British Open Qualifying to try to focus on French to get a bit of momentum going. I really had a feeling coming into this week, this is my last shot, and it would sure be nice to walk away with one of those spots.

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