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July 9, 2016

Romain Wattel

Inverness, Scotland

ROMAIN WATTEL: Well, I started beautifully. I made an eagle on No. 2. I managed to have a lot of chances of birdie today and my putter has been working much better than the two first days, so that was the key for me today, my putting, much better putting.

Q. And when you manage an eagle at the second, do you think, these conditions are nice, I'm going to do well today?
ROMAIN WATTEL: Yeah, yeah, that was a perfect start. On a links course, it's hard to predict when you make a good shot because it depends of the bounce, it depends on the release of the ball. But I was very fortunate to make the eagle on No. 2.

Q. Do you like that creativity?
ROMAIN WATTEL: I love it. I like more and more playing on links courses. Obviously after the first round, I was a bit disappointed to have such a strong wind and then in the morning, it was not the same. But it's part of the game. It's part of this and I enjoy to play on tough courses like this, so obviously I enjoy it a lot.

Q. Does it make it more satisfying when you've gone through all the hardship and you make sure that you've still got a decent score and then you push on and build from there?
ROMAIN WATTEL: Yeah, it's very great to play on links courses, because sometimes you have so much bad bounce or bad break, but you have to be strong in your mind to accept that. I think it makes us much stronger.

Q. You have shot the round of the week so far, so what's your feeling about your position on that board into the final day?
ROMAIN WATTEL: I'm feeling good. I'm hitting the ball very good. Today as I said, my putter has been working much better and I'm going to try to do the same tomorrow to make a good score.

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