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July 9, 2016

Nicolas Colsaerts

Inverness, Scotland

Q. Thoughts on where you're placed in the competition?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS: Well, it's a bit early to tell. Conditions are benign now. There's hardly any wind. There was a little bit of wind this morning but it seems to calm off. Another one of those tomorrow and I'll probably like the position I'll be in then.

Q. A special round today and a nice finish with the eagle at 16?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS: Yeah, I think it's probably the longest putt I ever holed in my career. It's probably like 30-something paces. I was just trying to get close and sometimes they drop. I'm very happy with the way I played. I made the most of it. A little blip on a hole where I have 100 metres to the hole, I made bogey, but holing that long one on 16 was pretty rewarding.

Q. You always seem to like the challenge of links golf, don't you?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS: Yeah, I've always liked playing links because you can maneuver the ball. You can play an amount, so many shots -- it's obviously easier to do when there's not a lot of wind. But yeah, it's just fun to play links when you're in control of your ball flight and the senses are there.

Q. Did you sense this was going to be a good week when you get a Man of the Match Award for playing cricket at Inverness on the eve of the tournament?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS: It's actually in the locker now. Brian's put it in the locker. So it sits there, it's a good omen this morning.

Q. Two sixes?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS: Yeah, two sixes. Well, I played a lot of field hockey so it's kind of easy for me to hit moving balls. A lot of guys were like, wow, but it seemed pretty easy to me. The guy I was bowling against, it was kind of, the first throw was a bit hard, so he kind of eased off on me, and I hit a couple of sixes, which is good.

Q. Had you ever played before?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS: No, no, it was my first time. The only thing is the grip is pretty thick and you've got these big clubs. So if I one day make a cricket bat, I will probably have a thinner grip on it to get more release.

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