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July 9, 2016

Angela Stanford

San Martin, California

Q. Great finish. Three birdies in the last four. Not bad. Tell us about that.
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I think, you know, having two par-5s coming down the stretch, if you can just kind of hang in and hang around, give yourself a chance of those two out of the last four. And I just kept telling myself that, if I could just get there. It was kind of coming unraveled. But I just thought if I can get to the par 5 and get back to even par for the day, that would be good.

Q. What did you do to make the birdies?
ANGELA STANFORD: 15, I hit driver, 4-iron, chip and a putt. The chip was to maybe five, six feet.

17, I hit a great 7-iron into the green and actually hit the flag and bounced off, I would say, to about five or six feet again.

And 18, hit a gap wedge in there to probably eight or nine feet.

Q. How much has the course changed from day to day for you?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think the wind has really been the X factor in all of this. I think it's firming up the greens. And it's hard to think that you're still playing release when you're hitting it into the wind. So I think the wind has definitely changed the golf course more than anything else.

Q. It's unusual to have threesomes and players going off both sides on the weekend. How does that change tomorrow, do you think?
ANGELA STANFORD: Are we doing that again tomorrow? Does anybody know?

Q. Still to be determined.
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, well, honestly I was disappointed last night at dinner, I thought hopefully I'll be going off around 11. So I'm having a great time at dinner, look at my watch and it's 9:00. We get the tee times and it's like 9:49. I'm like, we've got to go home. I thought for sure we would be twosomes late. But it is what it is.

Q. Where were you eating dinner?
ANGELA STANFORD: We actually went down to Carmel. We had the afternoon, so my caddie and another friend that's here had never seen Pebble Beach. It was cool. We did 17-mile drive and just ate down there. And then we were like, I guess we'd better go home.

Q. Was that good to get your mind off the grind that is the U.S. Women's Open?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yes, and I love it. I actually love the Pebble Beach area and Monterey and 17-mile drive. I love being down there. And, I don't know, I take a lot of pride in playing the national Open this week and being in an area that I just love. So it was cool just to kind of be there and know that you're playing an Open close. And we kind of walked out on 18 on Pebble Beach. And it was calm and pretty. It was cool.

Q. What do you have to do tomorrow?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I'm actually putting better than I have in a long time, so I think that's kind of the key. I kind of started to come unraveled and I kind of went back to some basic thoughts on my putting right now and made three out of four coming in. That's a testament to working on my putting. I think that's always been my issue. I can hit it and I can get it around, but I can't get it in the hole. And now I have some confidence that I can. So maybe that will change things.

Q. What did you do in your putting to get that?
ANGELA STANFORD: Just kind of went back to basics. My path was really bad. Mike Wright and I kind of the put our heads together. What do we do? What can I do? I'm kind of at rock bottom here. Let's find something to build on, and started working on it the week before Kingsmill and just really trying to stick with what we're doing.

Q. In 2003, you came so close to winning this tournament. When you come back to this event every year, do you remember back to that year and has it driven you to play your best here in this event?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I would say this is one of my favorite tournaments. I love the U.S. Open and everything that goes with it. I've always said what might have been that year. But I know that it made me who I am today. I wouldn't change anything. But of course I do kind of wonder, you know, I kind of wish I would have gotten that one. I wouldn't still be talking about not winning a major. It's okay. I'm happy for Hillary and we were good friends at the time, and so it's -- it was all meant to be.

Q. How will you go about tomorrow, keeping all of that in the back of your head, the fact that you haven't won a major yet?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, this golf course, you really can't think about the next shot until you get there, so that's good for me. Because I caught myself a couple of times out there kind of thinking about tomorrow and all that. And then you've really got to get back in the shot.

I've enjoyed playing this course, too. It's been fun for me, I think. So I think that's really helped kind of stay in the moment. And I've actually enjoyed -- there's not a whole lot out here that, oh, gosh, I don't like it. So that's been good.

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