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July 9, 2016

David Drysdale

Inverness, Scotland

Q. Thoughts on the third day?
DAVID DRYSDALE: Played lovely. It's probably the worst I could have scored to be honest. Probably had it inside 20 feet on 17 holes. 7 was 50 feet away, the rest I want to say 20 feet. Could have been a real low effort if I had knocked a few putts in.

Q. Talked about the eagle.
DAVID DRYSDALE: Wasn't that windy this morning, so I think it was about 295 to the flag at No. 3 and tried to hit a high, cut driver and pitched it sort of front right and kicked towards the flag and finished about ten feet away and rolled that one in, which was nice.

Then 6, how different a golf course can play, 6 the first couple of days, yesterday the tee 40 yards up, I hit driver, 3-wood, 6-iron and today driver, 4-iron on the green. Amazing links golf, to 18 feet, and knocked that one in as well.

Q. Course felt different to the opening day?
DAVID DRYSDALE: Yeah, completely different. This is probably the easiest wind for the golf course because you have three of the par 5s straight downwind. It's a tricky little stretch, 7 through to 12 back into the wind. But yeah, it's amazing how different it can play and some of the clubs, wedges at 11 yesterday and today it's a 4-wood and you're hitting 7-iron, 135 yards, complete opposite.

Q. And the last, beastly as well.
DAVID DRYSDALE: If you get anything down the fairway, you're getting so much run, you get down there with 4- or 5-iron in your hand, completely different. First day, I hit a drive, 3-wood and 5- or 6-iron.

Q. It is so early in the day, it does beg the question how good this round will stand the test of time.
DAVID DRYSDALE: I think you're going to see some low scores today. Like I say, with the par 5s downbreeze, I see Patrick Reed has got it going, looked like he was 6-under through the first six holes. I'm sure you're going to see, if it doesn't get too strong, you might see somebody shooting 64 today.

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