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July 9, 2016

Cristie Kerr

San Martin, California

Q. How important was it the way you finished just to keep holding everything together?
CRISITE KERR: Yeah, it was great. I hit a god awful shot on the tee there, just kind of lost my -- I was grinding all day, and I think I mentally lost my focus for a second and hit it way right. Got a good break, made a great par. Almost thought I made that putt, too.

It's big. Especially after bogeying 17, where I didn't feel like I did anything wrong. It's kind of a weird game. Make bogey on a hole that you don't think you hit anything wrong, and then par a hole where you hit a god awful shot. It's a funny game.

Q. What do you think of your position now going into Sunday. It's pretty bunched up, it seems like.
CRISITE KERR: Yeah, definitely, and I mean there's no doubt I have to shoot at least 4 to 6-under, I'd say tomorrow to have a chance. It depends on the wind and the weather and the pins. Sometimes they like to set it up easier on Sunday and people get some low scores. I don't know what they're going to be to do, but I have to be prepared for anything, if the conditions are easier, I have to be prepared to go low.

I've done great with my mental game this week and a lot of great saves I've made. I've made a lot of putts. I've just got to hit a lot of greens like I did the first day and I feel like I'll have a chance.

Q. How different have you found the course to be from day to day?
CRISITE KERR: It changed a lot each day. I thought the first day it played really easy. I played very well. But it was pure. It was soft.

Yesterday was windy and super firm.

Today some of the bounces we thought we should get we didn't get. That 18th -- into that 18th green actually is the firmest that we've seen all day, those approach shots. It's changed a lot every day.

Q. Beyond the conditions, Brittany was talking about how the adrenaline and emotions changes on Sunday compared to the previous two days. You've been through a lot of these. How would you describe what's different about Sundays at a major like this?
CRISITE KERR: Well, I mean everybody wants to win. I may be in a good position in the sense that I'm going to be four or five back, probably. And out a little bit ahead. And if I can kind of get a run going and I see my name on the leaderboard the way I've been putting, you never know. It would be great to get in that position and try to come from behind. All the pressure is going to be on those last couple of groups. I've got to go out there and play my own game and see what happens.

Q. In 2007, when you get to this event, does it feel like a long time ago, or are you still able to draw something from that?
CRISITE KERR: I'm still able to draw on the fact that I handled that kind of pressure and mentally it was great. It's been a long time. It would be nice to get another one soon.

Q. When you see Lydia's name on the board above you, and given her success what does that mean?
CRISITE KERR: She doesn't make a lot of mistakes. But anybody can have a bad day. We don't know what is going to happen. All I can do is try and control my own job, and try to go out and play smart but aggressively.

Q. There are quite a few American names on the board under par, what does it mean for an American to win this championship?
CRISITE KERR: I think it would be huge. An American hasn't won since Paula, right? Michelle Wie won, I'm sorry, yes. Michelle Wie won at Pinehurst a couple of years ago. Wiesy will probably give me what for for saying that. But I wasn't playing the weekend there, so maybe that's why I didn't remember it as well.

It would be great. I mean, we want to continue to grow the game of women's golf in America. Obviously in Asia it's very strong now, and it would be nice to continue to grow our base here, as well.

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