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July 9, 2016

Stacy Lewis

San Martin, California

Q. Stacy, a wonderful round of 69, not too many rounds in the 60s out there at the moment, so what was the advantage that was placed for you this morning?
STACY LEWIS: I just thought the early tee time was to my advantage. It was a quick turnaround from last night, but the golf course plays so different in the morning than it does later in the day. Really got to take advantage of it the front nine. That is really where I got my birdies. Just held on there the last nine holes.

Q. The course conditions, what are they like out there? What are these leaders going to be facing on the back nine, which you had to experience early, as you said, because you started on the 10th?
STACY LEWIS: It's getting harder and harder. The wind is the toughest part. That's what makes this golf course hard is the wind, and that continues to dry the greens out as the day goes on.

I mean, 16 is going to be brutal coming down the stretch. It's playing hard.

Yesterday, finishing up late last night, it was almost impossible. I was just happy to have a tee time today.

Q. A great round of golf that puts you into the top 10 at the moment, maybe better by the close of play. But the U.S. Open means so much to you. It's your 10th U.S. Open, you have a lot of experience. What do you need to do on Sunday?
STACY LEWIS: I need some help, first of all. I need this golf course to help me out this afternoon, but I'll need a low one. I need to make a move.

Just from that experience, I knew late yesterday I just needed to hang around, just needed to get it to the clubhouse and take advantage of the early tee time today, which I did.

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