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March 28, 2003

Adam Scott


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Adam, for joining us for a few minutes. Good round today, three under par, 69, six under for the tournament. I've gone 32 holes without a bogey. Why don't you tell us a little bit about your round.

ADAM SCOTT: My mindset was just not making mistakes and almost that Tiger mindset. Even though the course is playing a little soft and a little easier to score on at the moment, it's still playing tough enough that you don't have to go out and make a ton of birdies. I got away with a bogey-free 69 today and I put myself in a good position coming into the weekend.

Q. How many holes did you have to play today?


Q. A young stud like you, that's not a factor, huh?

ADAM SCOTT: No, but getting out of bed at 5:30 is a big factor.

Q. What time did you get in?

ADAM SCOTT: I was well-behaved.

Q. You talked a lot since the Match Play about getting mean. Are you acting mean out there? Are you acting ruthless?

ADAM SCOTT: A couple times in these last two rounds I've told myself to kind of get away from my players partners and not get into conversation with them and focus more on what I'm doing. I made a conscious effort to do that this week. I think it's easy when you're playing well to just kind of roll along and chat away and everything is great, and all of a sudden your concentration slips and you hit a loose shot and it ends up costing you a shot or two or whatever. I tried to just stay in my focus and the rhythm that I've been in.

Q. So no more Mr. Nice guy?

ADAM SCOTT: No more Mr. Nice guy. (Laughter).

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Adam, can we go through your birdies? You made a nice long putt on 9 for birdie. Starting with No. 2.

ADAM SCOTT: 2 I hit driver, 4-iron to about 15 feet, two putted that one.

No. 9 I laid up in the rough on the right with a 2-iron. I think I had 211 yards and I left it 25 feet short and I made it from 25 feet.


ADAM SCOTT: 13 was a 9-iron there. I think it was about 155 yards today. I made about a six or seven-foot putt.

Q. What was your impression of Augusta last year and how it fit your game, just the whole kit and kaboodle?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, the way I was playing last year when I was there it fit my game perfect, I was just turning it over a little bit off the tee. I was really playing very well, and when I play my best my natural shot off the tee is a draw, but I can also fade the ball, too, if need be like 11 last year with the new tee you've got to really hit it straight off that tee and not turn it too much. It really suited my eye, Augusta did last year. Every tee I got off I just felt like I could hit it, that it was made for me, this hole. I felt very comfortable there once I got over being at the Masters and my three over three over, six start.

Q. Your expectations must be decent given the run that you're on and last year there.

ADAM SCOTT: I'm expecting myself to perform well there. I don't want to be too overly confident and go there and have a major letdown, but I do expect myself to perform pretty well, though. It just depends on how I feel going into the week. After the week off -- playing well here on the weekend will certainly help my confidence.

Q. As far as this year, feel like you're particularly ahead of schedule as far as your tournaments are concerned?

ADAM SCOTT: I am about on schedule. My goal this year is to win tournaments. I haven't won a tournament yet. I've only played in five, but I'd like to win one pretty soon and get them flowing in.

Q. You were talking today about making the changes on your swing and it feeling okay. Do you feel it's at the stage where it can hold up under pressure?

ADAM SCOTT: It's getting there. The last few holes today, obviously they're holes where you can't make mistakes and hit poor shots, and I hit nice shots into those greens. I had to control the shot and I felt I could. With a little work on the range today I think it'll be pretty good for the weekend.

Q. You spent, it seemed like, hours on the range at Bay Hill with Butch. Is it sort of a two-nut check-in things that you guys are working on?

ADAM SCOTT: My setup has been feeling really uncomfortable. It's hard to swing with an uncomfortable setup. We've been looking at different things, the setup of my feet, my posture because I've been trying to change my posture. Now it's starting to feel a little more natural than the way it used to. We're not getting into anything technical in the swing at all other than trying to just get behind the ball.

Q. You said when you went to Augusta that you stood on the tee of different holes and it suited your eye and suited your game and made you feel very comfortable. How does this golf course feel by comparison?

ADAM SCOTT: Not bad. I feel pretty comfortable out here. There's just so much pressure to hit the fairway that there's a big difference. Obviously at Augusta but the main thing around here is getting the ball in the fairway.

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