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July 7, 2016

Brittany Lang

San Martin, California

MODERATOR: It's my pleasure to welcome Brittany Lang into the media center. Brittany shot a 4-under, 68, today. A 36 on her front nine and a 32 coming in for 4-under, 68. It's Brittany's 12th U.S. Women's Open, three top-10s, including a tie for second in her first in 2005. You started on 10, even going out, and then really turned it on in your second nine.

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I was just talking with him telling him how different the course plays from morning to afternoon. The sun came out and the ball really started going a lot farther at the turn. I made a little adjustment with my stance and I started hitting it really solid and I've been putting good for a while, so made some birdies there.

MODERATOR: Is that frequent that you make a mid-round adjustment. You opened up your stance a little bit going into your second nine.

BRITTANY LANG: Well, my brother and I have been working on it and I hit it great Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Everything changed a little bit tournament time, with nerves and adrenaline a little bit. And I wasn't hitting them as solid. I just knew if I dropped that left foot back, it's a simple fix, it gives me more room and I automatically start hitting them really pure.

MODERATOR: Let's go through your card. Take us through some of your birdies. First, your birdie on 11, the par-4.

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, just bombed a drive there and hit a little gap wedge from a hundred yards to just a kick-in, like two feet.

MODERATOR: You make the turn at even par. You go to the first hole and make a birdie there, as well.

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, that was good. Bombed a drive there, and again, you can get a lot of wedges in the afternoon. I had 117 to the hole, just hit a little chippy pitching wedge to probably about a foot.

MODERATOR: The second hole and back it up with another birdie.

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, driver, 7-iron, again, just another solid iron. That was a really good putt, it was about 25-footer and broke quite a bit. I was pretty lucky to get that one to go in.

MODERATOR: Then two more back-to-back birdies on 5 and 6.

BRITTANY LANG: 5, yeah, two wedge holes. But I hit great tee balls. On 5, I hit a great 3-wood and a little gap wedge and made like a 15-footer.

Then I hit a great drive on 6. That's a tough driving hole. I hit a great drive there and had a hundred yards into that. And again made another 15-footer.

So it's all about the tee balls. If you can hit really solid, aggressive tee balls out here, you can definitely score.

MODERATOR: With your length, you said you're driving it well, all your birdies came on par-4s, you didn't birdie any of the par-5s today. Do you feel like it could have been an even lower round?

BRITTANY LANG: I definitely could have. You can definitely score out here. I didn't do a great job on the par-5s. I hit a couple of good wedges. I think tomorrow I need to do a better job. I hit good tee balls, but I need to do a better job placing it for my third shot tomorrow.

Q. There's more players in their teens in this field than players in their 30s. At age 30, do you feel old out here?
BRITTANY LANG: I really do. I feel very, very old. I played some practice rounds with all the college girls. And when I start not knowing who the college coaches are, that's when you know you're old.

But, yeah, the girls -- women's golf, the quality of women's golf is so good. And these teenagers, I played with a lot of them in the practice rounds, they're so poised and they're so prepared, it's pretty cool to see. They're from all over the world, just like our Tour. And they're ready to rock and roll on the big stage at a young age. But, yes, I do feel very old.

MODERATOR: You played this morning, and you mentioned that the course plays very different morning to afternoon. So how, if at all, would you adjust your game plan tomorrow playing at a course that the ball may roll out a little bit more, it may be a little bit warmer when you tee off in the afternoon tomorrow?

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, it will be good. The wind is down right now, if it's similar to right now, you can just take so many more aggressive lines off the tees. Your lines change completely because you can carry everything and you can hit driver and it's great. You're just going to have to allow for some roll out on the irons. And the greens are a little bit quicker. But I just think the course plays easier in the afternoon because you can hit it so much farther off the tee.

MODERATOR: Brittany Lang, 4-under, 68, congratulations on a good first round.


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