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July 7, 2016

Kelly Tan

San Martin, California

Q. What were the best parts today?
KELLY TAN: I gave myself a lot of opportunity out there. And a lot of the up hills putt that I don't have to be too careful of. And I could play really aggressive today and hit a lot of fairway, a lot greens. That's kind of the key out here this week.

Q. What are your expectations?
KELLY TAN: I think they can still be a little firmer for Thursday. I think the course has been playing pretty good, and I think for today because I have an early tee time. So my first 12 holes probably, I don't think the ball was releasing out as much as I would have thought, but I think that's kind of -- I think that's lucky for me because I can play really aggressive.

Q. Take us through your birdies, please.
KELLY TAN: Yeah, I hit six birdies today and three of them were inside two feet, and I holed some really good putts.

Q. How close were they?
KELLY TAN: I think I birdied three of the par-5s, one of the par-3s and two of the par-4s, I think.

Q. How tough was it to bounce back from the start?
KELLY TAN: It's a U.S. Open. Everybody is going to make bogeys. When I made the first two bogeys, and I was telling myself that I'm not out of it. I have 16 more holes to go, and just keep giving myself chances. And that's kind of what I did out there and just really happy with the way I play.

Q. Do you see a lot of birdie opportunities out there?
KELLY TAN: It depends on how they put the pins. You definitely got to take advantage of the short par-4s and par-5s and try to eliminate the bogeys.

Q. This is your first top-10 of the year this week. Is it something you've been working on with your game or?
KELLY TAN: I feel there's a long way to go, still three more days of golf to go. I've been working really hard on my putting and my wedges, too, and obviously the results have been showing. When I have my wedges, I can stick them tight. And that's the key for me, my wedges, my putter.

Q. Is it a matter of being more comfortable or just playing better?
KELLY TAN: First of all, I've been playing really well this year. I gave myself a lot of chances to be inside the top-10, just haven't quite closed the deal yet. But it's just a matter of being comfortable out there, just being at that position and being comfortable and just try to not really think about the results. I think that's been the key for me that just go out and enjoy the game.

Q. Birdies on the par-5s, good result of good drives, good approaches, good second shots?
KELLY TAN: Obviously you have to hit good drives to be on the fairway, and lay it up to a good number. And just wedges, you've just got to take a good chance at it, you know.

Q. Do you like playing in this environment, a major championship venue?
KELLY TAN: Obviously I love it. The crowd has been great. It's just so grateful to be here to have that opportunity to compete in the highest rank of stage out here.

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