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July 3, 2016

Brendan Steele

Reno, Nevada

Q. Slow start today but then really turned it on, seven birdies I think over the last 11 holes?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah, I didn't play the front nine very well the whole week. Fortunately made kind of a long one on six and chipped it in on seven and got me going a little bit there. And then kind of slowed down again at the beginning of the back nine, and was getting pretty frustrated, but then able to close out with four straight birdies makes it feel better.

Q. What's the plans for the off week before the Open?
BRENDAN STEELE: Head home, enjoy 4th of July and a little bit of down time and then start working on some low shots and some bump and runs and anything I can do to try to get ready and then I'll head over there a little bit early, leave on Saturday and get there Sunday and I'll have plenty of time.

Q. Fourth top 10 here -- what is it about this golf course that you like so much about this and this event?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah, I think the format's really fun. I think it changes how you play a little bit. And I'm comfortable at this elevation. We seem to get the numbers right a lot which can be really tough to do out here. And this is, I'm a West Coast guy, so this grass is kind of normal for me. So I think some of the East Coast guys will struggle with it a little bit more, some of the guys that live in Florida probably a little harder time on the greens.

Q. Leaders aren't moving much forward today if you had a better third round you would have been in contention?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah, definitely. I parred the first 14 holes in my second round. And then yesterday wasn't good at all. So the middle two rounds kind of hurt me, but obviously started well and finished well. So we'll take some positives out of it.

Q. Top 15s at the U.S. Open and PGA Championship. You feel like your game's really improving in the major championships and getting more comfortable out there?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah, definitely. I was just telling Christian as we were walking down the last hole that this is kind of the first year that I believe that I'm a top player. It's been a little bit of a learning process; I haven't quite finished out some tournaments the way I would like to, but put myself in good position a lot, and I feel like my game can really stand up against anybody. It's good to be in the majors, the next couple, and hopefully we'll have another couple of good finishes.

Q. Like where your aim is at heading into the Open -- played well at U.S. Open, played well this week, and this week a top 10 for sure?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah, pretty happy with everything. It's kind of just it's different every week. Putted really well this week. Didn't putt well last week. Hit it about as good as I could last week and wasn't quite as sharp this week, but it wasn't bad. But just trying to keep moving forward and work on the short game, get the wedges dialed in and the scoring stuff a little tighter.

Q. Heard anything about Troon at this point or anything at this point?
BRENDAN STEELE: No, not too much. Just know the first nine holes normally play downwind and the last nine play into the wind. That's what I'm hearing.

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