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July 3, 2016

Brooke Henderson

Portland, Oregon

THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome our defending champion Brooke Henderson into the media center forked Cambia Portland Classic. Brooke, ended up being a four-shot lead, but it was kind of a grind out there all day and you didn't really get that lead until walking up the 18th. Talk about the entire day, what it felt like and what it feels like now to win this tournament again.

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, I didn't really play my best today, but I hit good shots when I needed to and got some good breaks, too. That's always really nice.

Like you said, it was really tight all day until I looked at the scoreboard on 17 and saw that I was going to have quite a big lead going into the last hole. That was definitely very comforting.

It was kind of a weird day of golf. I hit some really good shots and hit some really bad shots, but, like, it all worked out.

To be back here in Portland, it's so beautiful. To repeat and try to defend a championship for the first time and be able to do it is, I think, a really big deal. Third win on the LPGA Tour is really cool.

THE MODERATOR: The 17th hole in particular I think that kind of sticks out in everybody's mind. Tee shot to bunker, over the green, kind of chipped short, but then that par putt coming back was pretty magical, I would say.

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, the tees were up. Before that I was going to hit driver but then decided to go back with my 3-wood, which I've hit in the left trees the previous two days. So I got a little bit better, and this time was in the bunker.

It was just a tough yardage for me, a tough club. Unfortunately caught it a little thin. TV crew helped me out a little bit. After seeing Mariajo's shot from there I knew how fast it was and how difficult it was going to be, so I tried to bump it into the long grass and have it to hold up a little bit.

Was able to trickle on I think around ten feet or so. I hit that putt super hard, but it caught the hole and made par. I think that was really big, especially going into the 18th with what seemed like a bigger lead than what it was.

THE MODERATOR: You're now the first back-to-back champion in this event since Annika Sorenstam. I think Kathy Whitworth is the other back-to-back champion. Mentioning your name in the same sentence as those two seems like a pretty big deal. What does it feel like for you to have that kind of accolade added to your resume?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, that's amazing. They were two incredible women that did amazing things out on the golf course and in their own lives. To be in the same sentence and acknowledged alongside them is very cool. I'm really excited I was able to do to this year, and maybe we'll try for a third next year.

THE MODERATOR: Do you have your Sunday outfit picked our for when you think you might win the tournament? It's like your Sunday Tiger red is your Brooke green.

BROOKE HENDERSON: I like to wear teal on Sunday. Then in Seattle I wore -- it's very similar. I just wore navy pants. But I tried to do the opposite of my winning photo last year, so I wore teal on the bottom and a black shirt.

So I tried to keep my sweater on as long as I could today so when I took the photos it would be teal on top and black on the bottom. (Laughter.)

THE MODERATOR: A little different always. What are your thoughts heading into next week, the US Open? Feel like you're riding some momentum that should carry you over?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. Getting the major championship win just a couple weeks ago in Washington and knowing that I can win a major championship was definitely a huge momentum changer, confidence boost.

And then coming off a win here, I think it's really is going to give me a lot of confidence. I know U.S. Open, it takes a lot of skill, patience, and I'm really excited for it.

THE MODERATOR: Open it up to questions.

Q. When you won here last year you sort of had a huge lead going into Sunday. When you won in Seattle you sort of came from behind and hit a bunch of really great shots. Did it feel different today kind of nursing a smaller lead like that?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it did feel really different than both of those. It's kind of cool to think that I've won three different ways.

Yeah, today was kind of strange. Nothing was really -- I wasn't on fire, but I wasn't playing awful. I was just kind of I guess staying patient and just kind letting things happen a they are supposed to.

Q. Do you think it'll benefit you down the road knowing you can win when you're not playing great golf?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I think so for sure. Starting out the week -7 I played awesome on Thursday; I played pretty well Friday, too. A little bit up and down. The weekend I didn't really play my best golf, but I hit good shots or made a putt when I needed to or made something happen, which I think is really important.

Knowing that I still had a lot left where I could have played and scored better I think gives a lot of confidence. You know, knowing that I can compete against the best in the world when I don't necessarily have my best game.

Q. (No microphone.)
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I think so. You know, and when you're in those types of situations, the more time you have it's really important. You get to picture your shot a little bit longer; you get to see the conditions a little bit better.

I was lucky because she was in to the same situation I was. A little different angle, but pretty much the same. Once her ball got on the green, there no way it was stopping on the top tier. It was good to see in a way just so I realized how fast it was and how delicate of a shot it really needed to be.

THE MODERATOR: Anything else? Okay, congratulations on your third career win, second this year, and good luck next week at the U.S. Open.


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