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July 2, 2016

Tom Shields

Omaha, Nebraska

Q. That last 50 on the turn you came in strong?
TOM SHIELDS: Yeah, we're trying to make some changes and go out faster, but that wasn't working, so I kinda went back to the way I used to do things and felt a little more comfortable with that. Happy to get second, not super happy with the performance but that's all that matters here. Thankful to be done with this and get five weeks to figure out what comes next. While I'm super happy with my placement, you know what, I don't want to, like, take away from -- I don't want to take away from what anyone else has done, but, like, I don't think that anyone in particular would be too stoked with their performance here in the butterflies, on the men's side.

So I just think that adds to the pressure of the meet or whatever, but, you know, I really -- what I'm trying to say is the times I just went aren't going to cut it in Rio, and I've gotta figure that out. I'm very aware of that, and I'm sure Michael is, too. Excited to work with him and excited to work with the team and get better.

Q. Did you know Michael would be there in the end?
TOM SHIELDS: Of course. They asked me over there, do you think you will beat Michael, and I said yeah, sure, but it's all about who has the magic hands on that day, which he's had a lot of times, so, yes, I think I could do well, but he is who he is and you gotta give him that respect.

Q. How do you feel about getting to swim a relay?
TOM SHIELDS: Fun. That was my main motivation for the day. I've never been to a meet and not swam a relay, like, growing up with Edison and then Cal, just being that guy! I love swimming on relays; it lets me unlock my mind and express what I can do, and whether that's morning or night, I'll just be super excited to represent my country and my home and do a relay.

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