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July 2, 2016

Katie Ledecky

Omaha, Nebraska

Q. You flirted with that world record a little bit there. How did you feel about that?
KATIE LEDECKY: I felt good with it. I got the job done, punched my ticket. Would have liked to have been faster, but I could kind of tell during the race that it wasn't going to be much faster than yesterday. I would have liked to have brought in my legs a little bit more throughout that race, but they just weren't there tonight and made my arms a little tired. I got through it, and I can't complain about a meet time.

Q. Do you think sprinting the 100 took more out of you than you expected?
KATIE LEDECKY: Probably. It was a different week, a different set of events than I've done in the past, and, yeah, you take three rounds of the 100 out, and my schedule gets a little easier in Rio, so that's good.

Q. When you look back at your whole week, how do you assess it? Did you get the things done you came to do?
KATIE LEDECKY: Yeah, I did what I needed to do here, and it set me up to do what I wanted to do in Rio, and I think I'm really excited to get back to work this week and see if I can get a little faster, and then taper down and rest up for Rio.

Q. Do you have a sense of that, how much you have left for Rio, how much better you can be in Rio?
KATIE LEDECKY: I still have my goals, and I think those are still attainable, and I leave the rest and the taper up to Bruce. It's hard for me to judge exactly how much I've got going into this, compared to what a full taper would look like, but I'm happy with how this week has gone.

Q. How much of a taper was it?
KATIE LEDECKY: Again, I don't know, I leave that up to Bruce, and I just do what he tells me to do, and I knew I was rested enough and ready to go for this week.

Q. (No microphone.) You got close to records but it gives you something to look forward to?
KATIE LEDECKY: Yeah, I'm happy with my swims here, and we've got a lot of things we can take way from this meet, and we have areas we can improve on in the next couple of weeks and hopefully that will pay off in Rio.

Q. How do you assess things like your stroke here, the technique and mechanics and everything?
KATIE LEDECKY: I think the good thing from this week is I had a pretty good feel for everything, what went right, what went wrong, like in that race I knew I didn't bring my legs -- I wasn't able to get them in the rhythm of my stroke and that showed up with the time and how I felt in the race, but just being aware of those things, moving forward, we can work on those things and be better in Rio.

Q. Did you feel more rested in this event in Austin than you did tonight?
KATIE LEDECKY: I don't know, it's hard to compare like a three-day meet to a week-long meet. I think we can take things away from Austin and things away from here and things from meets throughout the year and apply those to Rio.

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