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August 30, 2003

Adam Scott


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Adam, for joining us for a few minutes. Great round today. 9-under par 62, course record and a great second nine, which was the front nine.

Why don't just talk about your round today and then we'll go into questions.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it was kind of just a normal day out there until the 18th, I guess, my ninth, where I made eagle and it kind of got me going. I think that put me up to 5-under for the tournament; I felt like now is the time to get right in this tournament. I just kept it going on the next nine holes. Obviously, eagling the second hole, as well, they jump you straight up the leaderboard.

All in all, I played really solid today and I made some putts, and I think I got the most out of my game.

Q. Can you give us the details on 18 and 2?

ADAM SCOTT: 18 was a driver and 8-iron to about three feet.

2 was a driver, 6-iron, it was probably 45 feet, I'd say, from behind the hill and over.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Why don't you go through your birdies.

ADAM SCOTT: The 13th was driver and a wedge, maybe 12 feet there.

The fourth was driver, 9-iron, ten feet.

The fifth, driver, 9-iron 12 feet maybe.

7 was a driver and then I laid up with 4-iron and pitched on, and that was basically a tap-in.

And then 9 was a driver, 8-iron, probably 15, 18 feet there.

Q. 17, why didn't you lay up --

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I could have. I had like 280 front and I was going to hit driver around. But I was in the right side of the fairway and I just felt like, if I do something stupid here and hit these first trees, I could be in real trouble. So I just decided to make birdie the other way.

Q. And the pitch?

ADAM SCOTT: I think I had 74 yards. It just landed on the green and skipped off six yards. The greens are very firm out there.

Q. Did you find some of the greens were softer than others?

ADAM SCOTT: Not really. I found they are all firming up pretty good. There might be a couple out there a little softer, but generally, they are all pretty firm.

Q. Some people say that your swing is similar to Tiger; is that by design?

ADAM SCOTT: I think a bit of everything. When I was younger, junior, everyone tried to swing like Tiger. Then I went and worked with Butch, and obviously he's had some input in it. I know he's said a lot of the stuff that we've worked on is similar to what Butch and Tiger had worked on. It just happens to be the way it is.

Q. Did he do much with the shape of your swing or just fine tuning?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, Butch was really the first coach I had had other than my father. My dad did a good job, but obviously, he's not got the eye of a Butch Harmon. Butch put some work into it and just changed a couple things. But generally, it's pretty much the same.

Q. When did you start with him exactly?

ADAM SCOTT: Four years ago now.

Q. You're good friends with Justin, have you had a chance to let him know that you went one lower than he did yesterday?

ADAM SCOTT: No, but I can't wait. (Laughter.)

Q. Does it make up for losing the practice pitching session?

ADAM SCOTT: See, you guys left too early, I won that, as well.

But no, I'm sure he'll be keen to go out and try and get lower tomorrow.

Q. You were saying the other day you weren't particularly thrilled with how the year has gone, yet you won the Scandinavian and you had a good match-play with Tiger. What is it you're unhappy about; what is it you're looking for?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, you can only think of two weeks out of the whole year that were good performances but there hasn't been that much more than that, to be honest. I'm a little disappointed with the way the year that's gone, just consistency-wise. When I've played well, I've played quite well, but most of the time I've played quite poorly and I've missed a lot of cuts this year. That's unlike me in the, in the past, to do that. I thought I was a much more consistent player, and for some reason this year, I've struggled with my swing and a few bad habits just seemed to creep in and they have shown up quite often.

Q. Have you been working on something that might have --

ADAM SCOTT: Not really. I haven't really gone in and torn my swing apart yet. I'll do that at the end of the year. I just work on a couple different feelings Butch and I have been speaking about, just to go out and feel comfortable on the course to play.

Q. It looks like Jay Monahan knows who to hand out sponsor exemptions to.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, he's done a good job this week. I don't know what to say. Obviously, Justin, he's a great player and well worthy of an exemption over here, I think.

Q. Did you ask for one or were you wanting to stick around an extra week?

ADAM SCOTT: I was always hoping to play this week and I asked early in the year. I said I've love to come and play. It fits in perfectly for my schedule.

Q. Who did you talk to?

ADAM SCOTT: I asked Mark Steinberg. I had spoken to Jay about it, as well. Yeah, it fit in perfectly.

Q. What would a win over here mean to you?

ADAM SCOTT: That would be a pretty big boost to the confidence, winning over here. I definitely feel the difference in pressure out on the course over here. I think just the crowd does it. Obviously they are very boisterous over here. You know, they make it into quite an event.

So it's a little different, playing over here with a lot of people out there. But I'm beginning to enjoy that, and winning here this weekend would be a huge boost.

Q. Have you led at the end of a day over here?

ADAM SCOTT: I don't -- no. No.

Q. Are you getting comfortable over here -- planning to playing more?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, my plan is to play a little more here next year, hopefully about 18 tournaments, but still playing in Europe, as well. I'll probably just stick to that.

Q. Just off the top of my head here, you're one of the few Aussies who have been particularly loyal to the European Tour with a chance to do both. Why is that? Thinking of Allenby and Appleby, they all kind of started in Europe but eventually came to the U.S.; you seem like you want to stick with Europe quite a bit no matter what. Is that pretty accurate?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, that's pretty accurate. I think I've still got a lot to learn out of Europe and Europe's got a lot to offer me. I don't know, they might have been a little older than me when they finished up in Europe and came over here.

I've only been over there three years. I think I've got plenty more to do there and achieve over there because it is my home tour, really, and I want to do really well over there before I ever think about coming over here full time.

I feel I've got a lot of stuff to achieve over there.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Adam.

End of FastScripts.

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