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June 30, 2016

Jeff Overton

Reno, Nevada

Q. Jeff, you have 12 first round, solid first round, what are your thoughts?
JEFF OVERTON: The golf course played great. In as good of shape as I've ever seen it. One of the best as far as that goes, as far as how good of shape it is in, it's in as good of shape as anything we've hit all year. I hit it really well. And made some putts.

Q. What's your thoughts on the modified Stableford format?
JEFF OVERTON: It's definitely a little different. Especially like if you sit there and you have like, I don't know, you're kind of shortsighted: Well, maybe I'll just make sure I get my bogey here rather than actually making a double, because if you can hole your birdie putts, those things are actually a little bit more important than your par putts.

So I was able to kind of do that today, make some more birdie putts versus miss a couple of short par putts. But that's kind of the fun part about the game; it rewards you for birdie and not so bad for just little bogeys.

Q. Kind of a nice change of pace?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, it's different. It's definitely weird signing my scorecard. I didn't know what things went where. But other than that, it was kind of cool.

Q. Of your times here, is this the best start you've gotten off to, here in this tournament, for the first round?
JEFF OVERTON: I don't even know. Maybe probably one of the better ones. I felt like I had a good round a couple of years ago. I can't remember, though. Played here so many times. It seems like they all kind of run together.

Q. Obviously off to a great start. Just a few keys to what went right today?
JEFF OVERTON: I've been hitting the ball really well. I just had been struggling with my putter. And today, I don't know, over the last few days something kind of clicked a little bit, I guess, and just made the short putts that I felt like I should be making for the last six months, and most of them went in today. And I didn't miss too many of them. And the ones that I did miss there were for par, so it didn't hurt you as bad as the ones that are for birdie.

Q. Speaking of the format, is there a tendency to be more aggressive?
JEFF OVERTON: Maybe not really, because you still -- you play the hole the way it's set up to be played. You keep the ball in front of you, you'll have a better look at birdie anyway, because they get the place going pretty firm and fast.

It would be nice to make an eagle; you really jump ahead. But if you can just kind of keep plugging away, and you never know you might hole a shot, too, if you keep the thing right in front of you.

So it's kind of -- it's nice that if you mess up a hole you know you can kind of keep going. Take what's his face -- John Hyde -- on the ninth, he hit it over the green and really tried to get it up-and-down. He chunked it. Chunked it again. And he tried to hole it out. It didn't really matter because you're making bogey or par would be huge. So, anyway, that's kind of a different little format but it's fun.

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