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June 30, 2016

Camilo Villegas

Reno, Nevada

Q. Really had a great time watching you guys play out there. Looked like you were having fun, too. How different is this format out here in relation to a normal round of golf?
CAMILO VILLEGAS: Yeah, I think it frees you up a little bit. At least I feel like that's what it does with me. And you get a little more aggressive.

But the golf course is also in great condition. And you have some tricky putts. Fast. So you've got to be smart about it. We both had a great day. I got going pretty hard from the beginning.

And then Gary got going there with an eagle on No. 8, and we both played great. Obviously we would have liked to make maybe 4-under at that hole. Probably one of the easiest holes on the golf course. But all in all a great day out there.

Q. Gary, Camilo obviously, as he said, got off to a really quick start. How did that change your planning and did you really go at it quickly after that? I know 8 was a turning really good turning point for you.
GARY WOODLAND: Obviously he got off to a great start. Saw the ball go into the hole. It was nice to kind of feed off that momentum. The eagle in this format, you really jump up that board. Nice to make the eagle, follow it up with four of the next five making birdies.

We both played great. I liked getting off late today and having a good round. Hopefully tomorrow we can come back and have some more fun.

Q. You've been working with Butch this last week in Vegas. Tell us what's been going on there. Your form has been gradually trending to good play. You showed it here. What's been going on there?
CAMILO VILLEGAS: Whatever they did, they did good, because he hit it beautiful today. Gary hit it great today.

GARY WOODLAND: I've been playing really good for a while now. Butch and I focused a little bit on the driver this week. I don't hit many out here. But focused on the movement of the hips and slowing it down a little bit. It's coming together. Hopefully it all comes together this week.

Q. Camilo, Olympics for you. How important is that for you coming from Colombia and South America, and are you excited about it?
CAMILO VILLEGAS: Yeah, I actually heard Jordan Spieth said I wasn't going to go play. I've been talking to Jordan and a lot of the guys. And I've got to be honest, Maria and I are trying to have kids right now.

So the Zika is a concern. But I'm also 142 on the FedExCup. So since day one I was so excited about the Olympics. I think it's great, great for golf. And it being in South America and me being from Colombia, it's important.

I understand the guys that have been pulling out, just because I'm in a similar situation with my wife and I trying to have kids right now. But again, I got a job to do too. So I don't have my job secured for next year.

And rumors here and there that I'm not playing. And here you go, this is the first time I can say what's on my mind. And that's exactly what's on my mind. I have to hopefully play good this week and then we'll make a decision.

Q. What did you hit into the water on 18?
GARY WOODLAND: 6-iron. Swing like an idiot. Bad golf swing. I swung really good all day. And really the two bad golf swings I made were on the par-5s on the back. I had 5-iron into 13 there and made a bad swing. Unfortunately got it up-and-down. And only place you can hit it is in the water. And it was a bad swing there.

Q. You were trying to get on it in two, you weren't trying to --
GARY WOODLAND: No, it was easy. It was only 212 front. I could have easily got 6-iron to the front and catch the slope and probably would have been pretty good numbers. So just a bad swing.

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