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June 30, 2016

Rickie Fowler

Akron, Ohio

Q. Talk about your round today.
RICKIE FOWLER: It was good. After bogeying the first, it was nice to get things going, make a few birdies on the front nine. Had a nice chip in at the fourth. It was a nice day. It was tough to hit fairways out there with the firm conditions. It's nice to see this golf course play firm. Being earlier in the year, less rain, and not a whole lot in the forecast right now. It's going to be a fun week.

This is a golf course that is high up on everyone's list as best places to play, so looking forward to the test. As long as we can dodge some rain tomorrow, it's going to be a good course this weekend.

Q. Was there something today that particularly encouraged you considering how the year has gone?
RICKIE FOWLER: I've been swinging irons very well. Driver has been a little spotty. I felt like I drove it fairly decent today. Nice to have the short game working a bit. Then had a few putts go in.

Definitely some good building last week in D.C., had a good start, but I felt like I got some good work in over the weekend despite the poor scores. Nice to get off to a good start today. Some positives in every part of the game, and looking forward to tomorrow morning.

Q. Have you spent time with Butch either on the range or just over the phone talking about things with your swing?
RICKIE FOWLER: Last time we worked was Sunday of the U.S. Open. I got a really good session in there and then obviously he was there for the week, but got a lot of good work in Sunday after I stayed over and ended up driving that afternoon over to D.C.

It's all simple stuff. It's always just a minor little fix or fundamental that needs to be worked on, and then also a lot of it is swinging really well on the range and just getting the confidence and the trust to take it to the golf course.

Q. After these three weeks here, are you thinking -- is there an easy course coming up soon?
RICKIE FOWLER: You know, there's not a whole lot of easy ahead, and the past couple weeks behind us. Congressional was probably set up as easy as you can get, but it's still a championship golf course. There wasn't a whole lot of rough and the greens didn't get crazy firm, but it's still a tough test there. It doesn't matter how wet it is.

And then here, this is how this course is supposed to play. It's fun. It's nice to see this place where the ball is bouncing, and if we dodge some rain tomorrow, it's going to be four days of this.

Looking ahead, I mean, obviously got the Open and PGA, and yeah, looking forward to getting -- I think I'll get four days off at home this coming week.

Q. You mentioned last weekend; would that be a case of sometimes you don't hit it well and you manage to score or you hit it pretty good last weekend and didn't get --
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I'd say today was a little bit more of how I've been the past couple years as far as how I was in '14 at the majors and managing -- when I don't have everything going well and still managing to get it around and make some good par putts and keep the momentum rolling. I feel like that's where I've been struggling kind of a little bit of the first half of the year after the win in Abu Dhabi but coming back. I still played well in Phoenix, but after that it felt like the putter kind of went a little south and wasn't making putts that you need to to keep momentum going.

That's a lot of it, and it can start weighing on the golf swing, you start pressing, and the putter can save a lot. You see I made some good putts to keep it going today and salvaged a decent round.

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