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June 29, 2016

Brooke Henderson

Portland, Oregon

THE MODERATOR: We're here at the Cambia Portland Classic with defending champion, Brooke Henderson. Brooke, this is the site of your first career victory on tour. Obviously a lot of things have changed since then. Take me back to last year and that feeling of Monday qualifying and then winning in such dominant fashion.

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, it was such an amazing week for me and kind of set up my whole career. Gave me LPGA membership, first win on tour, and everything kind of just fell into place, which it's truly incredible. The journey over the last 18 months turning pro and winning here and just a few weeks ago, everything is kind of like living the dream. Just trying to enjoy every moment and soak it all in.

Last year coming here I didn't know if I was going to be in the tournament. I had to Monday qualify. If I didn't, I had to caddie for my sister. That was really the big motivation for me to qualify. I didn't want to carry that bag. Then we both were in in the field. It was so much fun.

THE MODERATOR: Now of course she's your caddie and you're a major champion. How has the relationship between the two of you evolved? Do you love having her on the bag? I'm sure you do.

Do you think she misses playing or is she excited, you guys excited, to work as a team that's gotten you to No. 2 in the world?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. I love having her there and she loves caddying. We make such an awesome team, as you mentioned. I don't think the success that we've had this year or even last year could have happened without both of us working together and trying to push each other to be the best that we can be each and every day.

Only part I think she misses about playing is practicing, because she would practice for hours and hours on the range. Now I'm on the range and I hit a couple balls and she's like, Are you done? I'm like, Yeah, I'm done. I'm ready to go. She just wants me to keep hitting because she loved that.

No, she's very excited to be out there working with me. I think going forward if we can continue -- we're best friends, sisters; we're together all the time. If we can just continue to work really well together, I think good things will happen.

THE MODERATOR: You just got here last night you said. You played in the CVS Health Charity Classic in Rhode Island. How fun was that experience for you? You played with Jamie Sadlowski; is that right?


THE MODERATOR: How was that?

BROOKE HENDERSON: It was so much fun. Those two days flew by so fast. We were really busy. It was a blast. I played with Jamie. I met him for the first time. I saw him swing for the first time. He hits it a mile. You know, I think his longest drive is 445 yards. We were playing best ball and he was hitting some greens in one. It was really cool to get to meet a fellow Canadian.

And then just the whole CVS Charity Classic really was incredible. They put so much into giving back into the community and giving back all around the nation. Just being a part of it and playing with some of the pros and seeing everything they do, it was an amazing experience.

THE MODERATOR: You won the closest-to-the-pin competition; is that right?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I did, and $25,000 was donated to a local charity in Rhode Island. That was really cool.

THE MODERATOR: You were also recently nominated for an ESPY as the best female golfer in the world. What does that feel like to see your name and your face show up for that kind of nomination, honor?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I saw it on Twitter just a few days ago. I'm very proud to be even recognized as one of those players and to be nominated. One of my best friends, she tested me and was just so crazy about it. She thought it was unbelievable. It is definitely something that I'm very excited about.

Look forward to the results in a few weeks.

THE MODERATOR: Obviously a lot of success in the Pacific Northwest with the major championship few weeks back and the win here. What is it about this area or this course in particular that you like so much that you're comfortable with playing here?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I love tree-lined courses and bent grass, or something close to bent grass. It's kind of what I grew up on back home. I just really like the feel, too. I like the temperature. Sometimes cooler; have to wear a sweater sometimes.

Just the whole atmosphere. Sometimes it's cloudy and a little bit rainy. Again, I really enjoy playing in that kind of weather. Coming here last year the course really fit my eye and I was able to play really well. I think that gave me a lot of good momentum and good vibes knowing I was playing in the Northwest just a few weeks ago at Sahalee.

Then I am just hoping to continue the momentum here this year.


Q. You played six weeks in a row, right? This will be your seventh?

Q. How has that been?
BROOKE HENDERSON: It's been good. I've had some really good results at Sahalee, and then a couple weeks haven't really been too happy with. A little disappointed.

Overall I think my game has continued to get a little bit better. Every week I'm just trying to focus on something and to improve it that week. You know, set miniature goals.

I still have this event, U.S. Open, and then Toledo the next week after. Hopefully I'll have three more solid finishes.

Q. And you missed a cut for the first time. Were you able to use that to get any rest? What did you do on Sunday?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. I think it was a good break. Obviously disappointed missing the cut, but there was a lot of good players and I just didn't have my best day on Saturday, unfortunately.

Moving forward, I had a good Sunday. We went shopping. We went out and watched Alena Sharp on her back nine because she was playing really well and wanted to give her some support. She's been so good to me and we're really good friends. We had a lot of fun going out and watching her. She finished I think T7 or something like that, so it was really awesome.

Then we flew out to CVS on a private jet. It was a pretty good Sunday.

Q. You've got Lorie Kane here and also Naomi Ko, who somebody told me you roomed with her in the past.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, Naomi Ko and I were on the national team together, so we've roomed together, spent a lot of time together, so it will be a lot of fun to see her this week.

Q. And Lorie Kane, what does she mean to a Canadian golf err?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, Lorie Kane paved the way for Canadian golf. Women's golf, but men's golf, too, Mike Weir and her. She is definitely a Canadian icon, and I think every Canadian kind of looks up and is a big fan of hers.

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