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October 19, 2002

Kevin Appier


THE MODERATOR: First question for Kevin Appier.

Q. Kevin, you're at that point in the season where you're facing a team that you haven't seen yet this year. How does that change preparation for you?

KEVIN APPIER: Actually, it's the same. The tapes we watch, scouting report, basically that's pretty much what we have to go off of. Granted, it's better to see them and have a better feel. But I just faced them last year, so that gives me a little better idea than if I was just coming out of the blue. But that's basically it.

Q. You've led off for the Angels the last two series. The fact that you're going second this time, you get to watch a little bit on the bench. What kind of change is that for you?

KEVIN APPIER: Actually, I pitched the second game in the Yankees series, too. It doesn't matter. Whenever I pitch, I do everything the same way, so...

Q. Can you just talk about what it's been like coming over to the Angels after being with the Mets last season, and what a turnaround that's been for you?

KEVIN APPIER: I really liked playing with New York. I had a great time there, and we really stunk at the beginning, but made a good run at the end. They made a number of changes, this was one of them. If I was going to be traded, I was definitely glad to be coming here because of the talent here. I thought we had a good chance to make it to postseason. The Mets' changes didn't really seem to work out for them, but it's been great here. So, yeah, I'm definitely stoked at the way things went.

Q. I wonder what your success ratio was against the Giants and Bonds when you pitched last year in the National League? Also, what your approach will be to him tomorrow night?

KEVIN APPIER: The approach will be, without getting detailed, obviously, will be careful, obviously. As far as my record against Bonds and the Giants... Something... Next question (laughter). No (smiling).

Q. You're not very old, but you are the oldest member of the Anaheim Angels. Do you feel that you have to lead the staff in that sense in any way? Or do you feel like, "Hey, it's another thing"?

KEVIN APPIER: It's unfair, isn't it, since Cookie is not on the roster. He had me beat by a long way. I don't have all that much experience postseason. I had two games, before here. And everybody's looking at me, "Hey, Kevin." I'm like, "I have some experience, but not a whole lot." I definitely helped out where I could, but these guys really didn't have too much trouble adjusting to postseason at all. They've done great.

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