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June 24, 2016

Jim Schlossnagle

Evan Skoug

Dane Steinhagen

Mitchell Traver

Omaha, Nebraska

Coastal Carolina - 4, TCU - 1

THE MODERATOR: We'll start with a comment from Coach Schlossnagle and then we'll go with player questions for a few minutes and then back to Coach. Jim, an overview.

COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE: Well, congratulations Coastal Carolina. We had no doubt that they were going to come out with an edge, and certainly Beckwith was the story of the game, his competitiveness and ability just to manage the baseball.

He didn't do anything that we weren't prepared for, but certainly watching it on video and watching it behind home plate as a coach versus standing in the batter's box is very different.

I thought he was outstanding, the balls that -- ironically, I thought we got some good swings on them, but we hit the ball in the air off a ground ball pitcher. This was not the night to do that for sure.

On our end, we gave up too many free bases. With the settings of the stadium, the way the wind was blowing, free bases were going to win or lose the game. They gave us a lot of free bases Tuesday night, and we gave them several tonight. But that doesn't -- that shouldn't take away from how outstanding their pitcher was.

So we don't have to play tomorrow; we get to play tomorrow. We get to play another game in the College World Series. So we're fired up to do that.

Q. Dane, you got a good swing off him at the end, but before that, what was he able to do against you guys to keep you from getting into the groove out there?
DANE STEINHAGEN: He was just really keeping the ball down when he would drop down from the side. And then when he would go back over the top, he would leave balls up and we would chase those balls. And we weren't able to get on top of those. And it wasn't a good night to hit a ball in the air, like you said.

He pitched a good game. We got a few good swings off of him, but we weren't able to get enough runs across the board.

Q. Mitchell, did you feel like you were operating tonight with a very small margin for error, especially the way the third inning started for you?
MITCHELL TRAVER: No. I have a lot of confidence in my guys. So the game plan remains the same. I'm just trying to make good pitches. Tonight I was trying to be as downhill as I could. Make pitches in the bottom of the strike zone, knowing they were going to be aggressive. It worked for the most part. But Beckwith threw a really good game, and we couldn't pull it out.

Q. Dane, this is your third straight year facing elimination in the College World Series. Will that experience help you going into tomorrow's game with the mentality or what?
DANE STEINHAGEN: We're going to go at it. Like you said, we get to play one more game. We're just going to put this one behind us and we're going to come out gunning for them, and I think we're going to play a really good game.

Q. Evan, what was happening with Mitchell in the third inning from your perspective?
EVAN SKOUG: I mean, they just put the ball in play, and we had our chances to get some guys out. We didn't. And they came up with a clutch hit. Mitchell threw an excellent game. And the third inning he just happened to give up two runs. And it was certainly -- we had our chances to get some outs, but we didn't get them when we needed them.

Q. Evan, I know Dane talked about this a little bit, but you got some good swings tonight. Can you carry that confidence forward to tomorrow anyway?
EVAN SKOUG: Yeah, we know we're a good offensive club. It's just one of those days we hit several baseballs hard right at people. Especially with some guys in scoring position. So, I mean, we're really not too fazed. It's happened to us before, and we're going to come out here tomorrow, a new day, and we're going to keep winning pitches and keep putting good swings on baseballs.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you. Questions for Coach.

Q. Jim, looking at a guy like that, you guys got some really good swings off him, especially early in the game. I guess how frustrating is it as a coach to see great swings like that and nothing to show for it?
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE: It's baseball. I hate to say it's anything more than that. That's part of the game. And, shoot, we had better swings I thought at times today than we did the other day. We had bases loaded, nobody out twice, what, got three runs out of it and had a lot of bad swings.

But, you know, they kicked the ball and they walked us in, and that's -- it's a messed up sport, man. That's why it's awesome and that's why it will drive you crazy when you're on this end of it.

Again, we did have some good swings on him, but we had a lot of bad swings, too. He had us off balance, and that's what he does. And for four years I got to watch Preston Morrison do that. And tonight -- Preston never came up like Beckwith does, but there's a lot of things they do there that are very similar. It didn't feel very good to be on the other end, I can promise you. But he needs to be credited for this whole deal.

Q. What exactly is it about Beckwith? Is it the changing of the speeds? Is it the arm angle? What is it?
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE: It's everything. It's his ability to manipulate the baseball and his ability to speed you up and slow you down. I'm not in the batter's box but everything for the most part is down. When he wants to go up, you can tell he's intentionally doing it.

I don't think he left too many balls in the middle of the plate. He doesn't give in to hitters. He's just not going to serve you a pitch. And, again, he did a really good job of pitching to the ballpark. And tonight, I mean, Trevor was okay, but we gave up free bases. In the third inning, he hits a guy on a 1-2 breaking ball, and we end up not getting an out on the safety squeeze and we kick a double play ball, and then later in the game we just airmail the cut-off man. Had we not done that, they wouldn't have scored another run in that inning. Ground rule double, the guy wouldn't have scored.

We didn't play sound baseball tonight, but they played outstanding baseball. They didn't have any errors. How many walks? One. They didn't give up any free bases like they did the other night.

That's why we have that freebie war board in our classroom at home. When you don't win the freebie war, it's a real good chance you're going to lose the game.

Q. Who do you throw tomorrow and what are your thoughts about who goes for you?
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE: I'm not ready to say who we're going to throw tomorrow. Obviously Janczak is in the mix, I want to see how he feels. But it will be all hands on deck outside of Traver and Brian Howard. And I thought Guillory, once he got out there, and he hadn't pitched in a while, but he did a really good job. Outside of Howard and Traver, we've got to find a way to extend our season.


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