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July 8, 2005

Dana Quigley


THE MODERATOR: Dana, 66 to go with your 67 yesterday. You're 11 under after two days. Maybe just talk a little bit about your day today, then we'll get some questions.

DANA QUIGLEY: Okay. Pretty obviously the day was pretty exceptional. Didn't make any bogeys. I didn't birdie any of the par 5s, so I feel like I left some shots out there. I think I putted for birdie on all 18 holes.

I hit the ball extremely well. I missed one fairway. They probably won't count the green I hit I missed on 5. Pin was front. I had it about three inches off the green. That's the only time I wasn't on the surface itself, per se.

Everything was very consistent. Hit the driver really well and putted very nicely. So it was if you could say it, it was a pretty easy day out there.

THE MODERATOR: Birdies, you start at No. 6.

DANA QUIGLEY: 6, that little hole over the water, I hit a 5 wood off the tee, 60 degree from 80 yards to about five feet, I would say, made it.

THE MODERATOR: Then 10, 11, 12.

DANA QUIGLEY: 10, drove it down there nicely. Had my gap wedge in, I think I had 116. Hit it about 15 feet behind the hole and made it.

11, hit a great drive down the left side. Had 140 to the hole. Hit 9 iron to about six inches. Actually hooked in, just spun just short of it.

12, 146 to the hole. Hit a real nice 8 iron into the wind. It landed about three feet in front of the hole. Went maybe five or six feet by the hole, I would think. Made it.

13, I hit a great drive there, 5 wood just off the green on the right, didn't get it up and down. That was kind of a sore spot. Then when you come right back and birdie maybe the hardest hole on that 9, you tend to forget about the birdie you didn't make on the hole before.

14, driver, 5 iron beautifully, probably 12 feet right of the hole and made it.

16, I hit 3 wood off the tee, had 148 to the hole, hit 8 iron probably 10 feet by the hole and made it.

That was it.

Q. How is your hip? Did you mention the other day you had a doctor look at it?

DANA QUIGLEY: Yeah, I had a doctor come in Wednesday night. He worked on it pretty strong. We actually talked to him last night. He went back to Tennessee. Actually, he was still surprised it hurt me to sit down. When I'm sitting right now, I'm starting to get a throb in that spot. It's certainly not completely fixed.

But it doesn't hurt when I'm standing up and walking. It hasn't affected my golf whatsoever. I actually got more power I got my power back that I've had the last few months that I didn't have the last two weeks. I must be a little bit better, at least hitting the golf ball.

It's not comfortable to sit on yet by any means. That's really going to be my determining factor where I got to Scotland, is whether I can sit in the plane for seven hours.

THE MODERATOR: How do you practice for that.

DANA QUIGLEY: You can't practice for it. As it is now, I won't do it. I mean, I think the rest of the year is going to be more important than one flight over to Scotland. I hate to break the streak. But what happens happens.

Q. Standing room on the plane?

DANA QUIGLEY: If I can get some to play gin with me standing up, we might make the time go by. Actually, I think in first class, our seats might be go back. If I take a pill and get knocked out, maybe I can sleep all the way over there. I really at this point don't know.

Q. Who was the doctor and how did you come to find him?

DANA QUIGLEY: Doctor's name is Preston. Wish I could tell you his last name. He's a specialist in Tennessee. Mike Thompson, who distributes the Oasis Products out here, more than half of us are taking, the ageless formula which we drink twice a day, and Regenicare which rebuilds some of the broken down cells or stuff in your system, he's had six back surgeries. He brought his he actually flew in for basically 12 hours just to take care of me, to treat me, and brought this guy with him, which was I thought really, really nice of him.

THE MODERATOR: What streak are you referring to? Didn't want to break a streak by not going over to Scotland. How many years in a row have you been over there?

DANA QUIGLEY: Not there. I played 278 straight tournaments here on this tour since I came out here in 1997. You know, it's probably a streak that will never be broken, but it's a streak that I'm still very proud of.

Q. You're worried about a flight over there may hinder that?

DANA QUIGLEY: I'm worried about the flight knocking me out with this hip and maybe regressing rather than progressing. I'm kind of looking forward to the rest of the season. I'm playing well. I'm really, really starting to think I can play a little bit, and that's a scary thought.

When I got here on this course and played as beautifully as I did today, it really makes you want to think about your career rather than an individual tournament.

Q. There aren't many Opens at St. Andrews.

DANA QUIGLEY: It's not that tournament. We're playing at Royal Aberdeen. The old guys, man. Come on. Keep us in our own league (laughter).

But basically my goal today was to put a number up there where Swampy and Watson would have to get to. I wanted to try to get ahead of those guys, if I could. I didn't know if I was going to pull that off. They got a number they got to shoot to now which sometimes makes it a little bit harder.

I achieved my second round objective anyway.

Q. Do you know exactly what the diagnosis is on the hip?

DANA QUIGLEY: Well, the doctor that came in said it's muscular. There's a muscle that goes there's a hip flexor muscle, which he said is ridiculously tight, tight as a steel rod, and the soas, as they call it, which is really painful. He dug in with his hands and really manipulated. He says they're both supposed to work independently. He says they're both almost fused together where when one pulls the other one, it pulls it. It's not supposed to pull it. That's where the pain comes from.

When the hip flexor bends that, the other one is supposed to be independent of it and not bend. He says that is pulling it across my hip bone or hip joint, whatever it is, and that's where the pain and discomfort is coming from. That's why sitting down I think is where you get that stretch. Standing up, it's nice.

Q. So it's more painful to come in here and talk to us?

DANA QUIGLEY: Yeah. I'm actually feeling the throbbing which I didn't feel today yet. It's always painful talking to you guys anyway (laughter). Just ask Kenny Rogers. That was really dumb, wasn't it? How can a guy that's been in the league that long do that? He was calm, too. Stupid. Should he pitch in the All Star game?

Q. Maybe not so he can avoid the drama.

DANA QUIGLEY: Let it go past. Terry Francona didn't help out when he said he wants him to be there. He said he'll take him on the team any time or something. It's a no win situation no matter which way he decides, I think.

Q. (No microphone.)

DANA QUIGLEY: Probably not. A week off, everyone's dying to get home. I have to go caddie for my son at the state amateur. I'd love to, it's a beautiful ballpark. I think it's a nice spot.

Q. What were the scoring conditions like compared to yesterday?

DANA QUIGLEY: Very similar. Greens were holding. Fairways were running a little bit. I mean, no wind to speak of. I think they had a little bit tighter pin placements today. There was some of them you really can't shoot at. The one on 12, if you don't hit a perfect shot, you can make five there in a heartbeat. That's a really good one. That's a Sunday pin really. The pin on 18 was a Sunday pin. A few of them out there, they used up one of their best spots, which my caddie Larry and I were both surprised they used it up. I figure they probably will use it twice in that spot maybe this week.

I think the pins were a touch harder today. But other than that, the course played exactly the same.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Dana.

DANA QUIGLEY: Enjoyed it. Hope we see you again on the weekend.

End of FastScripts.

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